October 27, 2020


Salt Lake City, Cannon 6th Ward (Español)


Elder Casablanca

Week 18-19

Hey Everyone! How's it going? Sorry for not sending out a letter last week, we were really busy last Monday. We had a lot of fun this week, and quite a bit of success!

Monday: We went to the store, to buy all of our food, and other stuff.We went home put our food away, cleaned up a little, then we walked to the Stake center to play volleyball for a few hours, then walked to a party, then went back to work. Very busy haha.

Tuesday: We got a flat tire (Well my companion got one, but we're trying to be one lol). So after we got that figured out, we went to go talk to one of our friends Isaiah. He's a 9 year kid, who was on date then COVID hit and they lost contact. He likes Pokémon, so my loving mother sent up some of my Pokémon cards, so I could teach him how to play. Baptizing with Pokémon cards is pretty cool, but my companion has done it with Smash bros before, so I waiting for that day haha.

Wednesday: I was going through our Area Book to see what we did and I realized that a lot of people don't answer their doors. I don't remember the people who don't answer their doors because that's nothing interesting. We talked to some guy named Lalo, he was cool. Not much else to say about that.

Thursday: We met a guy who called himself the one-handed Bandit (he apparently plays pool one handed). He was an interesting fellow, he has a giant Virgin Maria out side of his house. He basically talked about church bombings, his favorite prophets, Salamander papers, and other random things. He gave me an Arizona hat, and my companion a Georgia shirt. Interesting man.

Friday: Not much happened, but during dinner I received inspiration to call some guy we hadn't talked to in a very long time, and he answered so that was cool.

Saturday: We talked to our good friend Max. He had read a little bit of the Book of Mormon, but not a ton. We talked about the plan of salvation, and that is when I realized I am not close to being out of training yet lol. Sadly though transfers are on next Wednesday.

Sunday: Today was a very interesting day. We woke up and I looked outside and saw... Nothing, there was nothing outside. I looked outside an hour later though, and there was snow everywhere! It was so cool! We didn't ride our bikes to church because we didn't want to die (which was kinda silly because the sidewalks were fine), so we walked 30 mins to church. It was pretty fun to make really snowballs and actual see my foot prints, but more importantly Xochitl's family showed up church! We had some English speakers give talks (they had translators), but as an Elder with your investigators, you just sit there and hope the person on the pulpit doesn't say anything crazy lol. It was good though! They did ask if the sacrament was wine or water though.

Monday (again): Transfers came out... I am staying here, but a few of our up stairs peeps are switching up. Shout out to one of my CCM buddies who is going to be training right out of training, J-EZZY, you have my prayers. Also on the a funny note: I just got put in lock down because some English Elders that drove us were in contact with someone that had COVID, sooooooo fun. We will be here for a few day, unless they test positive, in that case we would be tested.

Spiritual thought: Follow Jesus, my friends! He knows best. Amen.

Elder Martineau (Alfaunzo)

Pictures with my new companion, on our bikes, and in the snow! Look at all the snow! So cool!


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