October 12, 2020


Salt Lake City, Cannon 6th Ward (Español)


Elder Casablanca

Some week number (no sé, lol) (...Week 17)

Hey guys!

I hope you are all doing good. Everything is going great over here! I do have so interesting news though. A lot of interesting stuff happened this week, so let's jump into it. 

Lunes (Monday): This was probably one of the most productive P-days ever. What did we do you ask? We got Ross a hair cut. I am pretty sure that was it though haha. We were out knocking doors and we got a call from one of the AP's, and he started asking us about our area. Then he said "... So the reason I called is about mid-transfers." Now that caught us off guard. Well my friends mi padre was shipped out, and I have received mu mama (my 2nd trainer). 

Martes (Tuesday): So Ross had to start packing early because he had been in this area for 4 Transfers and had a lot of stuff. Since Ross was leaving I could start having fun in our Area Book. I am pretty sure being silly in scheduling is a gene I received from my father lol (see pictures). By 4:30pm Ross was out and I had met my new companion. His name is Elder Casablanca, he was reassigned from Mexico, and has been on the mission for 12 months. He's cool, I am going to learn a lot from him. Also he has good stories from Mexico, haha. 

Miércoles (Wednesday): Getting used to a new person is so strange, haha. After living with one person for 3 months, changing stuff is weird. Later in the night, we had a "barrio cosa" (which translates to "ward thing"). It was a ward correlation meeting, so we talked about what the ward could do to help us, and stuff like that. Not a ton of stuff happened, but at the end Bishop gave each companion ship the new "Doctrine and Covenants Come Follow Me 2021" book. It is in Spanish, so that is way fun to read. 

Jueves (Thursday): Nothing super big happened this day. We just tried contacting people and only a few people answered. We did go talked to one of the most iconic houses I can think of. I call him "Maíz man" (corn man) because he literally grows corn in his front yard. He wasn't very interested, but we are going to go by some time to talk to his daughter probably. We did also talk to so drunk people haha. They're way funny. They just say some of the dumbest things... They did offer us some beer, but we graciously declined lol. 

Viernes (Friday): This was a good day! We met Isaiah! I probably haven't talked about Isaiah very much, he is an unbaptized kid of an inactive member family. He wanted to get baptized, but then COVID hit and they kinda fell off the planet. We went over to their grandparents house and we found out he does online school their during the week! So we went and talked with his grandparents to get to know them better. Afterwards my comp was talking to him. Now my comp is really good a connecting with Latinos, but trying to connect with a 9 year old probably is quite different, lol. Isaiah has some Pokémon cards on his table, so I started taking about that with him. He likes Pokémon and Yu-Gi-Oh!, so I am going to teach how to play Pokémon sometime. Look at me now, Mom! My days of playing Pokémon are finally paying off now, lol. 

Sábado (Saturday): We had apartment inspections at 4:30ish, so we were cleaning for most of a morning. We didn't have a paper that told us what they were inspecting, so we were just cleaning everything haha. We had ward correlation Meeting at 11am, so that was a good break. My entire district is in our ward, so it's pretty awesome to hang out with them. The sisters asked us to visit the members in their area because they literally don't have time to do it. They have 2 people on date and are doing a ton of lessons for interested people. So we're going to be the wards favorite missionaries at the end of this transfer, haha.

Domingo (Sunday): Sunday is always a big day because it's where you can get church attendances. Actually my companion calls Saturday "Armageddon" because it's the make sure someone coming to church tomorrow. Without Church attendance we can't baptize. We invite 3 people to church and guess what!? Nobody showed up... Lol. Our hopes were dead yet though, because COVID if we can have a lesson with a member present, it counts as church. So we had a lesson planed with Genaro as our member. Long story short, they canceled, they rescheduled at 7pm, Genaro had to drive an investigator to a baptism, we got a new member, and we had the lesson! We talked about the Plan of Salvation. This is my favorite lesson, and my favorite doctrine. Now... I have never actually taught this lesson before, but my comp has a lot of experience with the lessons so that was good. It was a great lesson, the spirit was there, and the mother was crying a little when we talked about living with our families for eternity. We have a mini lesson with them on Thursday because one of the kids will be gone, but then we have a bigger lesson next Sunday. We got my first church attendances :) (actually my first 4 haha)

Spiritual thought: So I want to talk about the Plan of Salvation. It's the perfect plan of God for all of us to have the opportunity to return to the presence of our heavenly father. When the second coming of Christ comes (and after the millennium), we will be judged based on our works, our hearts, and our thoughts. Whether they be good or bad. Luckily for us God sent his son to pay the price for our sins, so that we could be made clean through faith in Jesus Christ, repentance, baptism, receiving the gift of the holy ghost, and enduring to the end. If we try our best to become Christ-like, repent of our sins, and make covenants with God, we will be able to return to his presence again. This is where we will able to live with our families for all eternity. Other religions don't have this truth, and I don't know how they can be happy going to heaven and not living with their families again. "Cielo es no cielo sin nuestras familias." We must do our best in this life so we can live with our beloved family for eternity. I know these blessings are real and can be achieved by anyone through Jesus Christ. Also fun homework assignments. Eternal families are mentioned in the Bible. Kinda interesting. I won't tell you where, because it would be better for you to find it. I will give you a hint though, it is found in the book of JOB. Good luck my friends.


Funny stuff:
1. Elder Casablanca loves volleyball, and the family we taught on Sunday has a kid who loves volleyball... So my comp destroyed them haha.
2. The kid who likes volleyball has the name Alfonzo lol.
3. I got so many flats tires this week. At least when it starts snowing I probably won't get as many flats.
4. I woke up Sunday morning at like 5am because I heard noise from our front room. I couldn't figure out what it was, but in the morning I realized it was raining lol.
5. It was cold on Sunday... Not quite snow cold, but we're getting there. Casablanca hasn't really seen snow either. So we have 0 experience between us both lol

Picture 1 & 2: Pictures of our Area Book once I got ahold of it.
Picture 3: We have acquired a piano (keyboard) lol)
Picture 4: Ross and I before he left
Sadly no pictures with my new comp yet haha. 


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