September 28, 2020


Salt Lake City, Cannon 6th Ward (Español)


Elder Spencer Ross

Week 15

Yeah, I don't really remember anything from this week. Many people think that a lot of crazy stuff would happen when you're out and about talking to a bunch of strange people. Well, they'd be right, but so much strange stuff happens that it becomes normal, haha.

Lunes (Monday): First P-day of this transfer, and it was quite boring lol. P-day is always a good day, but we didn't do much. One of our main investigators tested positive for Corona, so that was interesting. We hadn't seen her in like two weeks before that anyways, so we were all good.

Martes (Tuesday): Tuesday was good... I think... Our area Book has a lot of red circles, but I don't remember it as a difficult day.

Miércoles (Wednesday): We had intercambios (exchanges) with our district leader. Elder Monteroso came to our area, while Elder Ross went over to their area. Elder Monteroso is fluent in español, so door contacts were so easy lol. He's an awesome district leader. We had some success, so that was good.

Jueves (Thursday): Okay, I remember this day well because it is the first time I worked in a different area. Randomly the ZL's called us and said "Hey, we're doing intercombios today at 6pm." ZL's don't usually do intercombios with us, so that was weird. I went to their area.. that was quite intimating. Sometimes during street contacting they would just look at me with this look that said "Okay, your turn to speak Spanish." They can speak practically perfect Spanish. I am really blessed with the ability to hear and understand what the conversation is about. I can understand probably 85% - 95% of the Spanish, but when it comes to speaking... Oh boy... It isn't pretty lol. I love them, they're way cool, but there are leagues ahead of me right now, haha. Oh also today was Elder Bullocks birthday, so that was awesome.
Viernes (Friday): We had district council. That was good. Not much else. We have been talking to that one guy who wanted to learn more about how to change his life, but he is having some problems. If we just meet with him once, he'll be all on board.

Sábado (Saturday): We had some lessons today, so that was exciting. I realized that I have no idea how to teach the lessons in Spanish because we rarely get to the lesson part, lol. All of the lessons fell through though, so that was less exciting. All around good day though.

Domingo (Sunday): We celebrated Bullocks birthday, with some ward members, so that was cool. On our last contact of the day Elder Ross and I probably preformed the worst door contact in all of history. It was so bad... It hurts just thinking about it.. It was also in English! I know miracles exist though because he agreed to meet with us on Monday night lol. If this guy gets baptized it will definitely be a miracle worth sharing at my homecoming talk haha.

Spiritual thought: This week I have been focusing on the power of faith. The first principle of the gospel is faith in the Lord Jesus Christ. Everything is brought to pass by faith. In missionary work they talk about having the faith to find people. There are people in any area that are being prepared to hear the gospel, but as missionaries we need to have faith that the Holy Ghost will help lead us to them. We all need to have more faith. How can we receive more faith? Good question! Lots of people when they look for ways to increase their faith, they often look for a formula for it. We'll sadly it isn't that simple, but an apostle of the Lord has laid out 6 things we need to do to have greater faith:
1. Do what is right and serve the Lord because we know, trust, and love Him with all of our souls.
2. Harbor no thought that we deserve a reward or thanks for what we do, although rewards will surely come.
3. Humbly ask, seek, and knock.
4. Never demand anything of our Lord, because we are always in His debt.
5. Leave to Him the final decision in all things, having the attitude “Not my will, but thine be done.”
6. Be prepared to sacrifice, even unto death, for our entire mortal lives.
I know that as we try to do these things and ask our Heavenly Father for the gift of Faith, we will receive it.

Random garbage lol:
1. Whenever the ZL's show up to our apartment they ask where I get the time to fold all of the papers for my paper creatures.
2. I found a bennie in our mission treasures so I wear it around the house.
3. Lots of people here laugh when they see me wearing a sweater when it's 65°F.
4. It is going to snow here soon... I am excited and am bracing for my impending doom.
5. I woke up Sunday morning and I had two flats... We walked 30 mins to our church. We made it for sacrament though (they moved it to the end of the meeting because they were zooming it as well).

Elder Martineau (Alfaunzo)

1: A bird I made. 
2: My companion calls him Godzilla.
3: Look a dragonfly!
4: Elder Bullock after his companion slammed his head into his cake. If you know any Mexicans, they have some awesome birthday traditions lol.)


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