August 31, 2020


Salt Lake City, Cannon 6th Ward (Español)


Elder Spencer Ross

Week 10

Hey ya'll, what's up? I have been having a blast here in Utah. I am starting to get used to the weather, so 100 degrees is starting to feel hotter than I remember. Humidity is dumb haha.
Monday: Monday was awesome! P-day usually is pretty awesome. It was Elder Ross's birthday! I made a Pecan pie (without vanilla because it fell out of our bags in the district car and we didn't notice haha), it was good. There are two Elders above us named Elder Bullock and Elder Smartt, so we brought them some. The ask me when I am making another pie now haha.

Tuesday: Tuesday was Elder Williams one's birthday (wow, 2 birthdays in a row haha)! We had a ward correlation meeting, which was really more like a party. The Hermanas in our ward are from Mexico so they showed us what they do for birthday in Mexico. It Consisted of slamming their faces in cake haha.

Wednesday: Today was incredible! I got to do my favorite thing, the Food Bank! I meet this Tongan lady and she told me about here life and all the amazing experiences and miricles she has seen in here 80 something years of life because of the gospel of Jesus Christ. It was incredible and quite the testimony builder haha. There are so many incredible people here in Utah.

Thursday: To be honest, I have no idea what happened on this day. I remember knocking doors and the streets smelling wierd... That's it haha.

Friday: Ahh Friday was both awesome and less awesome lol. I'll start with the awesome part. Elder Ross and I were sitting in district council, when I received an email from my mission President's wife. It was labeled "Endowment Session"... So not opening it during district meeting was hard haha. So it says that I will be attending the Jordan River Temple On September 14th at 6:45 am, and that my parents are allowed to come and have breakfast/lunch with me after the session. If you'd like to learn more about what the "Endowment" is, here's a link for more info <a href=""></a>The less awesome thing was that nobody answered any of their doors. That was a little discouraging, but I didn't quite learn a lesson from it, sooooo foreshadowing lol.

Saturday: Nobody awnsered our doors again... (wow, that was some quick foreshadowing) not even members are awnsering their doors. So this is where I learned the lesson. I had to ask myself "Why do I knock Doors?" because at this point I was like "We should just never kcock anymore reformers doors." Here are 4 simple reasons for doing the Lord's will. 1) You're forced to do it.2) You're don't want to do it, but you do it anyways3) You love God4) You have Christlike love for the peopleOkay, now I had to evaluate myself here. I don't think I realized it, but I think I was knocking doors for the numbers because the numbers shows me I am being successful (I don't really care what others think about our nunbers haha). I now knock doors because I love God, and I know he loves all his children. I am working harder at acquiring a Christlike love for the people in this area now.

Sunday: Church, and alot of meetings. That sounds dull, but I love my district. Our meetings are quite intertaining because even though we're being serious jokes get cracked. Even our high council rep. is very serious, but he cracks a lot of jokes. He's way funny. The Cannon stake (where I serve) is making a new plan for the wards and how they're going to approach fellowshipping and helping inactives. We're very excited because the members in our ward are scared to do missionary work, but they want to support us. The only way they knew how to do that was to feed us, but because of COVID-19 they can't do that now. I am excited to see how it all goes down.

Okay, before I go I'll leave you with a quick spiritual thought.. This world is kinda sad, but if you would like to hear about the hope and joy that I and many others have found through the Gospel of Jesus Christ, shoot me a message! I love spreading the light of the gospel, I just wish I was more open to spread it before my mission. Also if you have missionaries in your area, help them please haha.

Funny stuff:
1. We got Elder Williamson a little Nerf gun for his birthday... His comp got him the exact same thing haha.
2. There's a lady named Dolores that we technically have on date, but has an interesting circumstance. Her second language is Spanish, but her first language is Q'eqchi', so I am trying to learn to bare my testimony in it before her baptism haha.
3. I have started a quest to collect The Book of Mormon in different languages. There's a Tongan Church in our area, so we go looking for one every once in a while. All of the doors are locked though.
4. Locked doors can't stop us anymore! Elder Ross has been teaching me how to pick locks with paper clips lol. We're going to go practice today for P-day haha.
5. We find a lot of cats that are nice so they let us pet them. Elder Ross and I are thinking about getting a cat for our apartment. Not sure the mission would be too keen on that idea though. 
6. Whenever something sad happens I say "Qué triste", so now whenever I say it the Hermanas and other people in my district copy me haha.

Okay, I love receiving your emails, I read all of them! I love you all!

Love, Elder Martineau (Alfaunzo) 

Picture 1 - At the party we forgot that we cooking corn on the grill so it burnt, but not all of it was bad haha.
Picture 2 - This is the Hermanas favorite picture because you can only see my eyes haha. They call it "The Martineau" lol.
Picture 3 - A cat we found. He's cute! He sat outside this door while we were knocking. (Even cats spread the gospel)
Picture 4 - Elder Ross drinking a Caprisun at the Tongan Church.
Picture 5 - Packages! Thanks Mandy Austin and my Family for sending me a bunch of candy and other stuff! <3
Picture 6 - These people were growing Corn in their front yard! That's crazy!
Picture 7 - Other cat, he's Chubby. I like this picture because it looks like Elder Ross is about to take him home lol. 


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