August 24, 2020


Salt Lake City, Cannon 6th Ward (Español)


Elder Spencer Ross

Week 9

Hola! How's it going? It's going pretty awesome up here (or down here depending on your location)! I am loving it. Today (As Aug. 24) is Elder Ross's birthday! We are planning hanging out with some other Elders today. I am also going to make a Pecan pie, so that's going to be awesome haha. I'll just jump right in, so this email is shorter haha.

Monday: Elder Ross and I didn't have much planned so we kinda just hung out. We went to our Capilla (or Capisha if you're Argentinian, or chapel if you speak English) and found a ping pong table. Ross and I like to explore the random Church building we stumble upon. There's this one Tongan church building that has some Tongan for the strength of youths. Sidenote: I think every Tongan that lives here is a member. They are always honking their car horns to wave at us haha.

Tuesday: Okay, I would like to dedicate my Tuesday to the most interesting man I have have ever met.. His name is Billy. We found when we realized I had a flat tire and decided to walk our bikes home through the park. As we were walking he walks over to us and says "I need you to pray for me." Oh okay, we ask him what he wanted us to pray for. He told us his story about how he's homeless and his identity got stolen, and his many other trails. We asked him what he believes about God. And this is where it would take another whole email to tell you everything. He's been around, to like every religion. So has 12 commandments, instead of 10. He took 3 from several different religions (which doesn't make sense because at 3 of the religions all use the 10 commandments given to Moses lol). When he prays, he rolls out tobacco, smokes it, and prays to the North, the South, the west, then sends evil spirits to the east. He also believes in the Bible and the Book of Mormon... That was just some of the stuff he believed haha. We have yet to see him again, but I am looking because I want to teach him the gospel lol.  

Wednesday: We had conferencia de zona today. It was very interesting lol. We talked about car safety because apparently this mission is like 108th out of 120 missions in the US and Canada. Did you know that if you put flees in a jar and close the lid, then if you take off the lid after 3 days, then they won't jump out. That is how you train flees, so go get some pet flees. Our mission president shared that with us, then elaborated on the spiritual side. What he said before he got off the pulpit was very funny. He said "Don't be dumb flees." haha.

Thursday: We found a Catholic lady who we think thought that Members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints worshiped Joseph Smith.. I don't know where that belief comes from lol. We're teaching them on Elder Ross's birthday lol. We also had an inactive member call us back and thanked us for calling him because he thought the Church had forgotten him and he didn't know Church opened up again. So that was awesome. 

Friday: We had a "ministering" meeting with our ward to show them how to minister in these weird times. 10 minutes before we started the Hermanas go up to Elder Ross and go "Did you and Elder Martineau prepare to present your slides?" We didn't know I had slides, so I had to learn them fast and present them in a language that is not my original haha. It was an awesome experience. When I got up there I spoke well, and could understand every important question that was asked to me (a none important question we be like a question directed to the Hermanas lol). It was way cool. Obviously I stumbled through some words, but the majority of the time I was talking extremely well. Gift of tongues is real lol.

Saturday: I don't remember what happened here. I just remember walking a lot because my bike had another flat lol. We found 2 people who were going to teach on Sunday, so that was cool. Whenever we go walking and the cross walk changes for us right when we get to the intersection, I turn to my companion and say "Why do people think God doesn't exist!?" lol. 

Sunday: Okay Sunday was kinda a flop because my bike now has two flats instead of 1, so we walked like 3 hours. We even walked like 45 mins to an appointment, but right before we got there they said they forgot we were coming and weren't home... So we walked back... We watched Saturday's warriors last night. I have never seen it and it is probably the cheesiest movie I have ever seen (it was made in like 79, so yeah). I have only seen less than half of it, so I can't wait till later lol.

Funny things:
1. Elder Ross has started meditating recently, so whenever it gets brought up I tell people he is practicing Buddhism lol. He's trying to convert me to meditation haha.
2. Elder Ross and I talk about a lot of gospel theories, so whenever we reach some borderline blasphemous conclusions, I call him a "Hijo de prediccion" lol.
3. Another Elder in our district apparently collects quarters, so whenever I find state quarters I ask him if he needs that quarter. I think he's only missing two states lol.
4. Elder Ross apparently had a Rubik's cube in his desk. I hadn't mentioned that I knew how to solve it, so when he mentioned his "high and might" 1-minute solve, I solved it on like 30-seconds. His reaction was gold. Him and Genaro want me to do it in a Facebook post lol.
5. At the end of Zone Conference, one of the Zone Leaders (he's going home in like 3 weeks) mentioned that he is going to live by PMG (Preach My Gospel) when he gets back (which is a good idea). We all started making jokes like "Are you going to have device audits with your wife?", "Are you going to have Exchanges with other couples?", or my personal favorite, the marriage commitment, "Will you follow the example of your parents and be married in the temple for time and all eternity to me? We will be having a sealing ceremony on this (date), will you prepare to be sealed on this day?" if they say no, then you soft commit them with, "If you come to know that I am your husband, will you be sealed to me for all eternity?" haha. Missionary culture is so funny.

This is getting long, so accept my gift of tongues thing as my spiritual insight lol. Okay, cya later!

Elder Martineau (Alfaunzo)

Muchos perros and the white doves outnumbering the black bird, lol.


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