August 17, 2020


Salt Lake City, Cannon 6th Ward (Español)


Elder Spencer Ross

Week 8

Hola! How are you all? I am loving it up here! There is so much to do and so many miracles to see haha. Me and my companion are on the grind, but there is a lot of fun to be had.

Last Monday: This was my first P-day! To be honest we didn't do a ton, but that was nice because we do so much all the other days of the week. Elder Ross taught me how to shot a basketball better. If I would have known I was doing it wrong maybe I could have been a basketball player haha (probably not)

Tuesday: I don't remember much from this day because I forgot to write in my journal, but I did give my first lesson in Español. By that I mean I lead most of the lesson. My companion helped me with some words, but it was pretty good. It was with our pal Jaime! (Spoiler: We handed Jaime's teaching records over to the sisters in our area, so we probably won't be teaching him again any time soon.)

Wednesday: This day was pretty big! 1st. I meet this Lady, who reminds me a lot of Sister Munson (she's in my ward back home), at the food Bank. One Elder came up to me and said "Elder, do you like cats?" "Of course I do!" "I need you to go counsel someone" lol. Something happened to this old lady's cat, so that was sad. I talked to her for like 1 hour and 30 minutes about her life. It was awesome! She grow up in South Africa, was sealed in one of the temples in England, and immigrated to Canada, had 10 kids along the way, and then moved to Utah. There was much more, but that was the jist. I can't even tell you her name because it was some wack South African name, but I love listening to the stories of people. The Food bank is still my favorite haha. We also had a exchange with our District/Zone Leader, Elder Roberts (that's where he just hangs out with us for like 6 hours). He's way awesome and I have learned a lot from him. Elder Ross and I have very little experience in OYMing (Open Your Mouth) because he was in a car mission until now. We are very similar... Soooooo we both don't enjoy talking to random people haha. Elder Roberts on the other hand is really good at tracting because he was in Peru for about 20 months I think. He taught us a lot and helped us get a few appointments!

Thursday: This day was extremely successful and full of miracles. Elder Ross and I were just calling around and I was like "Hey I want to practice Spanish, so I'll call a few". I should mention me and Elder Ross have this on going gag that he doesn't have faith that people will awnser the phone, but this time was different because the person actually awnsered! This is how the conversation went "Hola, somos misionarios de la iglesia del los santos de los últimos días. ¿Cómo Está?" "Ohhhh Bueno. (says something I don't understand)" I hand the phone to my companion haha. This actually happened twice, so we actually got 4 new people to teach in two days! We had been praying for more people to teach because our teaching pool was looking more like a pool during the winter.. So that was awesome.

Friday: Not much happened here. We knocked some doors and a few people answered, and accepted to be taught, so that was cool. We also practiced talking to people on the street.

Saturday: kind of a flop day because nobody answered and my bike needed to get fixed, so we walked a lot that day haha.

Sunday: We had 4 lessons planned and 1 answered haha. We taught one guy over the phone about the Restoration and he seemed kind of receptive, so that was good.

Spiritual part: I actually almost forgot this again haha. I don't know how much you guys look at church news room, but today (as in August 17th), several temples have gone into phase 2. That includes several in Utah. COVID prevented me from receiving my temple endowment before I came out on my mission, so I'll hopefully be getting it soon. I have been preparing by reading the "Pearl of Great Price" because my companion said that was a good idea. I found my new favorite (spiritual) scripture in there. It's in Moses 1. This is where Moses had just been talking to God. He is talking about the glory of God, when Satan comes to him as a personage, and says "Moses, son of man, worship me." Now my favorite verse in verse 13. It says: "And it came to pass that Moses looked upon Satan and said: Who art thou? For behold, I am a son of God, in the similitude of his Only Begotten; and where is thy glory, that I should worship thee?" I am trying to memorize it in Spanish because why not and if we remember that the father of all lies has no glory, then we can stand stronger against his temptations. 

Okedoke, love you all so much and love receiving all of your emails! I realized that I forgot to put my mailing address in here last week haha. I am pretty sure this is it haha...

Utah Salt Lake City Mission
3487 S 1300 E, West Entrance
Salt Lake City UT 84106
United States

Okedoke, see ya'll later! 

Funny things:
1. Elder Ross and I talk about every strange gospel theory under the sun. This is like my seminary experience to the next level lol.
2. I had two 2-hour meetings completely in Spanish on Saturday and Sunday... I still have no idea what was said haha. 
3. Elder Ross has this nail above his desk, so we shoot rubber bands and try to land on it.
4. There are lots of cute dogs here, and also Bunnies (I got some pictures of the Bunnies).
5. We just started watching "The Chosen". It's a TV series about the life of Jesus Christ and it's way goooood. I'd recommend it haha.

Pictures: Not many this week, but that's okay. 
Picture #1: Some of the other missionaries ran into us while we were walking around. Elder Roberts is in the front and the Elders on the left are Elder Williamson and Elder Julian
Picture #2: It's a bunny!
Picture #3: Look another one!
Picture #4: Here's where me and Elder Ross shoot our rubber bands. 


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