August 3, 2020


Martineau Mission Training Center


Grant Forman

Week 6

Hey guys! I got permission from mi Presidente de Estaca to have today as my P-day because I am shipping out tomorrow and I still need to do some preparation stuff. I am so happy that I will actually have my P-day on Monday now, like most other missionaries haha. This last week was the last week of my training in the CCM. I have loved the CCM so much! I remember starting online and thinking that I wouldn’t be as successful, but because of an incredible district and companion, I have definitely done better than I possibly could have at the regular CCM. I have grown so much and can’t wait to meet my district one day. I know most people are like “Oh (their mission) is the best mission”, but I believe that my district is the best district. Each of them are so inspired and will become incredible missionaries. I can’t wait for the day that we will be able to kneel at Jesus’ feet, and say we have done all we could on our missions. Thanks so much for Jay and Karen Rogers for letting me study in their house for the last 6 weeks. They are incredible! Sorry this letter isn’t very long, I have lots of stuff to do before I ship out at 6:25 am tomorrow (I actually have to be there 2 hours earlier, mission rules haha). I love you all and love receiving you emails! I can’t wait to write to you all about my adventures traveling, living at the mission home, and meeting my new companion next Monday!

Love you all,
-Elder Martineau (Alfuanzo)

1st picture: A final picture from our afternoon class with Hermano Lara.

2nd picture: We make hearts when we leave Hermano Lara's class everyday. I took one for the team and took a screenshot haha.

3rd picture: A final picture from our morning class with Hermana Moreno.

4th picture: Sister Rogers in my ward made me some matching masks out of the handkerchiefs that came with my ties! She is so awesome!

5th picture: A cool cloud that happened on Saturday, if you live in Arizona, you probably saw some of this lol.


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