July 22, 2020


Martineau Mission Training Center


Grant Forman

CCM week 4

Hola! This is week 4, and I am absolutely loving it! Online MTC is so much fun! Today my district did something like an "either or game", and we'd all make guesses about someone in the district (things like if they like Pineapple on their pizza or not). Today my mother and I went to get my immunizations for Argentina and she told one of the Ladies that I was learning Spanish, so she started talking to me in Spanish. Native Spanish speakers talk soooooooo fast haha. I got some of it, but it is really different talking to an actual native speaker. I feel like some people might get discouraged by that, but I learn a lot from being shown up Haha. That's how I got good at chess and lots of other stuff. Having someone better than me trashing me in game makes me want to get better at it. So I am still working on it and loving every second.

I had the opportunity to have a companion in the same room as me. Elder Durfee's family went camping and we pulled some strings to let get the approval from the CCM for us to hang out. I can't wait to have get out into the field and get another companion. Getting up is so much easier when you have a companion to keep you acountable haha. We decided we were going to live mexico city time while he was here, so that means waking up at 4:30 to exercise. That may sound early.. because it is.. but it was a lot of fun! I love having a companion that I am studying with in the same room haha.

This week I want to talk about the Book of Mormon. Before my mission reading the Book of Mormon was so boring. I knew all the stories, so what could I get from it? When my mission started the Book of Mormon stopped being a jumbled book of stories about people who fall away from God then come back. The Book of Mormon actually has a storyline! Well duh Elder Martineau, it's a record of the ancient people in America. Yes, but for some reason I didn't realize how well it flowed together. If you read it in order and every day, you'll see that it all flows so well. Take the story of king Noah getting burned and his wicked priest escaping, in Mosiah. You're like "welp those priest's are gone", but little did you know, give them a chapter or two and the plot twist comes,  where they kidnap the daughters of the Lamanites. A personal plot favorite of the plot twists is in the war chapters where Amalickiah becomes king of the Lamanites through murders and other stuff (awesome chapter, really shows how satan can target us, topic for another day though). In that chapter his servants kill the king of the Lamanites and blame it on the king's servants, who ran away. The plot twist part is like 10 chapters later Maroni is looking for some people of Lamanite disent to bring wine to the city that holds all the prisoners of the Nephites. Now, there was one Lamanite among them and it was the servant that ran away haha. There is literally no way someone could have made it up! I love the scriptures, so much and I can't wait to finish them. I hope that if you don't have a testimony of the Book of Mormon, go try to get one. I know that you will get one if you truly seek it!

Okay, sorry for such a long email haha. I love hearing from you all and can't wait to get out into the field.

12ish days left, but who's counting :P

(P.s. Not many pictures this week, but I will have some more from me and Elder Durfee being companions next week)

Elder Martineau (Alfuanzo) 

[My mother is trying to tell me my name is Gannon, but I keep telling her I am named Alfaunzo haha (I am not changing my name :P)]


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