July 15, 2020


Martineau Mission Training Center


Grant Forman

CCM Week 3!

Hola! This week has been fun, and kind of unmemorable haha. I basically just walk back and forth from the Annex, Spoke lots of Spanish and read the Book of Mormon. ¡Español es muy divertido aprender! In my afternoon class we usually play Kahoot to help learn all of our new vocabulary. Whenever this event occurs, us Elders decide to name ourselves something funny, like the Sister who always wins (Hermana Burton) or our teacher's name (Hermano Lara) (We are starting to get more creative). I know the mission handbook says to avoid competitive games, but the Elders have formed a coalition to beat the sisters in Kahoot because we haven’t done it yet haha. Yesterday we learned about perfect, imperfect, and future participle stuff. It is interesting because it lets you say things like “I have prayed everyday” or “Adam and Eve had lived in the garden of Eden. Learning that made real think about how dumb english can be… like saying “I had had gone to the store today” or “I had already done it”. I am not an english expert, but why in the world do we need to tell someone that we did something in the past like 3 times in a sentence. Obviously every language has its own silly things, like Spanish has irregular verbs that just break rules for no reason, besides the fact they didn’t feel like updating that verb when they updated the rest of them like 100 years ago haha.

Okay, now that I am done ranting about how silly languages can be, let’s get to spiritual stuff that I learned yesterday! We had a devotional about the Holy Ghost (Sorry missionaries because you all already know what this is about haha)! I love the concept of the holy ghost! I say concept, but he isn’t a concept, he is as real as you or I. He has the presence of a person, but he is a deity that isn’t bound by mass which lets him do incredible things. Imagine being a deity that could be in multiple places at the same time, and deliver different or the same messages to a group or an individual! It is difficult for us mortals to wrap our heads around because we have always been bound to one place at a time. I personally can’t wait for the day we get to meet our brother the Holy Ghost (I assume he is our brother, if not please let me know haha) and ask him how he does it. He’s so awesome! He’s the best missionary haha.

The devotional was hosted by Elder Craig C. and he has a degree in accounting... Gannon, I mean Elder Martineau, what does him having a degree in accounting have anything to do with the devotional? ¡Bueno pregunta! I say this because he used a graph to describe a concept of the Holy Ghost, and if you don’t know, I love math, especially gospel math haha. He made a graph and labeled the X-Axis Time, more specifically our lifetime, and he made the Y-Axis the Holy Ghost's presence (or influence). I’ll leave a picture of what the graph looks like in my picture section, so I’d advise referring to it at least once before continuing on haha. So the y-intercept is where the Holy Ghost comes upon us to teach, or comfort, or all the other things he does. If you look at the straight line, that would be what it would be like to have the Holy Ghost upon you constantly (Note: With the gift of the Holy Ghost, he is with us always, but this would be like being inspired constantly). Now that sounds pretty good on paper, but the real blessing is when the holy ghosts backs off a bit to give you the feeling of wanting his power back. That is where the growth lies! As we feel the Holy Ghost in our lives, that increases our want to have him back in us, and the more we look to have him with us, the stronger he will be the next time he inspires us and backs off!

 I do think there is one thing he could have added to his graph to make it better. I know it's very bold of me to change a concept from a  man who is more experienced in both math and feeling the spirit than I haha. The graph looks like the Holy Ghost comes on a similar time schedule every time, but as we seek to have the spirit more strongly, he will inspire us more often and more powerfully.

I want the Holy Ghost to be with me much more now because I know I can’t help others come unto Christ without him because I don’t teach, the spirit teaches. I am just lucky to be a part of the process of loving the individual and guiding them to acknowledge the spirit. Okay, that was long, hope I didn’t bore you all haha. I am loving my mission and can’t wait to get out into the field! 3 weeks left! Love you all, and I love getting all of your emails!

¡ADIOS! <('v')>

Elder Martineau

(Picture #1) Cool quote haha
(Picture #2) The Holy Ghost graph
(Picture #3)   These are a fraction of the flash cards I actually have! I have much more at my house :)


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