July 8, 2020


Martineau Mission Training Center


Grant Forman

Week 2 Letter


Week 2 of my MTC has just ended. Many in my MTC think that our weeks start on sunday, so they think that we have already been in week 3, and that we leave halfway through week 7. I personally think they’re crazy because the teachers say by week 3 we can mostly understand what people say in spanish, sooooo the lower the week count the more time we have to master that haha. This week has been fun! Learning spanish is so much fun! I love being able to listen and read in a different language. Just a minute ago I was walking back to  the Roger's Annex and walked by the Hales house. The Hales bathroom is being redone (if I remember correctly), but the funny part is that there was a worker on his phone talking in Spanish. I was listening just to see if I could understand him and I got some of his conversion (I am so rude lol).

I don’t know if you guys know this, but the church has an app called “Embark”. This app is a language learning app for missionaries, and it’s so cool (I am not sure if it is only for missionaries, but gage was able to get on when I tried it with him like 30 mins ago). It corresponds with the missionary curriculum for acquiring the gift of tongues. It has a ton of words from the Basic core (which is the book of words and phrases we needed to memorize by day 10, and the fact that my terrible memory can memorize 500ish words is a miracle itself) and different grammatical concepts. I think my favorite part is they have videos of missionaries talking to people, so you can listen and practice understanding the language. When I am out in the field stuck in my apartment, I might try to learn french or something because why not haha.

I briefly mentioned this last letter, but I have been temporarily reassigned to serve in the Salt Lake City mission. This Mission encompasses a majority of Wyoming, but more importantly it covers Rock Springs Wyoming, which is where my oldest brother served. My Mom pointed out that I will be serving where Gunner served in the U.S., and where my Grandpa Martineau served in Argentina! Maybe I’ll get re-reassigned to Kansas haha. So much fun!

Since today is P-day, my district had a zoom call together where we just hangout and talk. We usually have something planned beforehand, so I decided to plan an “Embarrassing story guessing game”. The way it worked was people would send me a story of their most embarrassing moments, and I would share them with the rest of the district and everyone would have to guess whose story it was. It was a lot of fun! We have 14+ stories for the 14 people that participated.

Not much else has been happening. I have loved being on my mission and have come so much closer to my savior. I know that he can help us through any situation, big or small, because he cares about the things we care about. There is no way that I would be able to learn Spanish without him, well at least this fast. I’d like to leave you all with an insight from a devotional we had last night with Elder Martino of the seventy and his wife Sister Martino. “A mission won’t be the best two years of your life, but a mission will be the best two years for your life” (Sister Martino). I agree with this quote because I have grown so much in just 2 weeks, and if this is the best two years of my life, then I feel like I would be like the guy in Elder Uchtdorf’s talk about the man who ate only beans, on his cruise. I’d like to add a little bit to this quote though. “A mission won’t be the best two years of your life, but a mission will be the best two years for your life… (and for the lives of others)”. This Mission is not about me, it’s about helping others come unto Christ, so they can receive eternal life through making covenants with Heavenly Father and enduring to the end. I’ll just be a by product of my mission, and any growth will be directly proportional to how much I lose myself in the service of others.

Hope you are all doing well! If you want to write to me or tell me I made a spelling mistake, just send emails to (I guess if you want you could mail them to my house, but if you're getting this, you can probably send an email haha). I won't be able to respond unless it’s my P=day, but I will definitely read it :)

Elder Martineau

Photo #1 This is a picture of most of our district with an American flag background. Me and my companion's background didn't like us very much haha

Photo #2 An Elder fell asleep in one of our zoom calls because we were doing nothing for an hour. Our groups taught the day before, so all the others needed to teach. His companion relayed to us that they decided to watch the devotional and He fell asleep haha.


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