July 5, 2020


Martineau Mission Training Center


Grant Forman

Week 1 - Home M.T.C.

Hello friends and family!

I made it to the MTC and haven't died of heat stroke walking over to the Roger's house yet haha. The first day was both exciting and terrifying. It started on my p-day, but I had intro to MTC classes (today is my P-day if you didn't know). The first few days were a trail, I knew it would be hard, but you never know how much you'll miss your friends and your original life, until it's gone. There is this phenomenon I call "Existential Sundays", it means if your sad when Sunday comes around, then that sad sadness will be multiplied by a factor of 10 (maybe it 6 or 7 lol). That sounds like a bad thing (because it probably is), but it gave me a chance to bank everything on my faith in Christ and his ability to help me through this incredibly overwhelming week.

After that first Sunday, I had started to enjoy my mission much more. Yesterday was the first day where I was able to come home and say that I loved being on my mission. Okay, now that we're done with the serious stuff we can talk about the funny and awesome things.

Mi companero es muy feliz y fuetre en el evangelio. ¡El es mi favorito companero (so far)! I LOVE LEARNING SPANISH, having the opportunity to pursue the gift of tongues is sooooooooooo awesome. The CCM (or Mexico MTC) teachers talk 95% Spanish and 5% broken English, so you know I am soaking up about 50%-75% of what their saying haha (their names are Hermona Mareno y Hermono Lara, and I love them soooo much) I am probably the worst at speaking and understanding Spanish in my district, but I am not discouraged (they have all had much more Spanish training from school than I did). They say by week 3/6 you started to completely comprehend what the teachers are saying, and by week 6 you can speak it well. The gift of tongues is just incredible!

Hopefully, I'll have more interesting things to tell you all next, but I love all of you and hope that you can feel God's love! If he can help me learn Spanish in 6 weeks, than he can help you through any trail you are willing to make him a part of!

With love,
Elder Martineau <('v')>

P.s. You can send me emails whenever, but I will only be able to respond on Wednesday!


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