September 1, 2014




Patrick Criado

Hola Mamá mia!

Hola Mamá mia! September 1, 2014

Hey how are you?! What’s new?

Guess what?! I am still here in Quitilipi! and with Elder Criado. Yup, not much changed. So much has happened this week! I made a recording because there is so much I have wanted to tell you....I just hope it goes through cuz it's long!

So the other day I decided to look at some of those copies of family history stories that you sent with me to the MTC...and I haven’t been able to put them down since. I LOVE THEM! I haven’t really had any desire until now to read them, but now I feel like I am learning sooo much and I am becoming so incredibly grateful for the sacrificies that they have made for us. One of the changes in the mission since Pres. Franco is that now we use the pamphlets called, "My Family" - all about family history. There is a new focus on the importance of the temple, and obviously, family history is a big part of that. I wish that I had more time to do some family history here, but I realized that after the mission I'm so there! So I have a question....not sure if you ever found out, but where does our last name come from? It seems like it just came out of the blue!

The Familia Romero came to church again yesterday. They are so cool! They are all excited for baptism! They are all reading the book of Mormon and learning tons!

Pedro. Such a good guy. He’s a little old and doesn’t understand much....but we will probably be baptizing him this weekend! whooo hooo!

We met a guy this week that thought that we Mormons worshipped a giant golden frog....Yeah...don’t ask because I have nooooo idea! Like I told you before, there are a lot of people that don’t necessarily have the right idea about what the church is. A lot of people confuse us with Jehovah's Witnesses or Evangelicos. We are teaching one guy, Hector, that is so funny. he left us a note on his door this week that just said, "dear friends of Jesus, I can’t meet with you today........" haha, dear friends of Jesus. It works.

I was thinking about what you said about hymns...I don’t sing well but I would love to do that. I think I am going to start recording and sending every so often....maybe you can just gather them and save them together?

Well, My mother, I love you super much! I sent you that recording....sorry its super long and all over the was actually really hard for me to explain those experiences in English.

I love you tons! Til next week!

Elder C


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