September 21, 2015




Elder Karmanov

Words of Great Importance

Hola Familia!

This week we had an incredible experience.  Saturday night we went to visit a partial member family, la Familia Romero.  We found ourselves with a group of about 10 people (members and non members).  We sat down and got to know them a little bit. 
 My companion had a great idea.  He began to tell a story:
 We are all going on a trip.  We board a plane going to a far a away place, like China or something like that.  As we are flying over the Pacific Ocean, there is a system failure and the plane begins to go down.  The pilot comes on over the intercom and tells everyone that we are going to crash and we aren't sure what the outcome will be.  He tells us to write a letter, which we were going to put in the safe and hope that our families would be able to someday get our final words.  

My companion told everyone to write their last words, and gave each of us 4 minutes to write.  
The plane crashes.  Unfortunately, we don't make it.  My companion continued to tell the story:
Well, the airline finds the wreckage and finds the safe that has all our letters and  they begin to send our letters to our families.  
Well, these grieving families receive the letters, and what do they do with these precious words?  One family leaves it on the shelf, never even opened it.  One of the victim's families reads it once, but didn't think much of it.  Another family ripped up the letter before they even read it.  As for the other letters?  Some get lost and some don't make it to the families.  
If you were one of the those that wrote that letter, how would you feel if you families treated your letters like that...or if they never got the letter?  
My companion continued.  There were many people who did the same.  They wrote to US and they gave their own lives in the process. Our Heavenly Father loves us so much, and that's why he has always sent his prophets to teach us, guide us, and write the word of God.  These men wrote to US!  They knew that what they were writing is what we would need in these latter days.  How do we treat their words?  Do we read them?  Do we ponder them?  Or do we just leave their words on the shelf?
As we finished this little object lesson, there was silence.  Their was plenty of silence, but the spirit was screaming!  Everyone was deep in thought.  We bore our testimonies of the importance of the scriptures and ended with a prayer.
Dearest family, I know with all my heart that the Bible is the word of God, and I am even more sure that the Book of Mormon contains the fullness of the gospel of Christ.  I have felt God's love through these books when I have taken the time to read and study them.  I not only invite, but beg you all to read and study these sacred works.  I promise you that you fill find answers to questions  that you will not be able to find in any other place.  

Bueno, as far as my letter, this is what I wrote:

Dearest Family,
You are everything to me.  I love you all.  My greatest desire is that you strive to love one another.  Don't allow there to be any contention or arguments exist among you.  Remember always the Savior's words. "As I have loved you, love one another."  I will be with you

There is nothing more important than family.  I hope you all know that and truly believe that.  I have come to really see that the adversary's attacks on the family are constant and ever present.   There are hard times, and arguments and disagreements arise, but  please don't every let ANYTHING come between family. EVER:
President Monson said, " Forgivenesss should go hand in hand with love.  In our families, as well as with our friends, there can be hurt feelings and disagreements.  Again, it doesn't really matter how small the issue was.  It cannot and should not be left to canker, to fester, and ultimately to destroy.  Blame keeps wounds open.  Only forgiveness heals."  

I give my testimony along with President Monson's.  I testify of the Saviors love, which was and is perfect.  Love one another, and fight your battles together.  I pray for all of you and pray that we can always be more and more united and loving.  

Elder Christiansen



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