August 31, 2015




Elder Karmanov

Hey Mum

Hey Mom,

So yeah, I am kinda sick.  Not feeling too great right now, but I will do my best to make sure that this email makes sense.  

Yesterday we had Stake Conference.  The first stake conference that I have been to during the mission!..since I have only been in districts until now.  It was actually really great.  It was a multi stake conference including stakes in Argentina, Paraguay, and Uruguay.  They did a transmission from Temple Square and Elder Hales and Elder Cook participated.  The talks were really good and they focused on a couple very important topics: The Temple, The Sabbath Day, and serving Full time missions.  Very interesting.  (Honestly it was kinda hard for me to focus because I was feeling pretty sick...but the spirit was strong).  Elder Richard Maynes (who conducted) said that those who honorably serve full time missions will receive blessings throughout their lives, while those who do not will lament their decision.  Very interesting.

This week has been absolutely nuts.  We have been in and out of our area, moving, doing random splits, working with other companionships in our area, and trying to stay sane.  This week one of the Elders in our zone asked to talk to us.  He, before the mission had some serious medical problems  with his heart.   Some of his symptoms have been coming back and he's been really worried.  He is also really discouraged about the work, and has been debating whether or not he wants to go home.  We have spent SO much time this week talking to him, we gave him a blessing, we have gone to doctors appointments with him, and we have been praying for him a lot as well.  We are worried for him, so keep him in your prayers.

So we keep working with V.  We had a great lesson this week about the 10 commandments.  She is really understanding more and more.  She told us that she has officially stopped drinking coffee!  That made me so happy to hear.  She just needs to get to CHURCH!!!!!!

We have found some new investigators this week, but we need to find more, we need to teach more, and above all, we need them to get to church.  Please keep praying for that to happen. 

So I finished the Book of Alma this week, and now I am cruising through Helaman.  I am learning so much...AGAIN.  Helaman 5 is absolutely incredible!  I am so grateful for the power of the priesthood and for the examples of incredible scripture heroes like Nephi and Lehi.  In this book, Helaman, we learn so much about the pride cycle.  I love the first part of  Helaman 4:13.  We are left on our own strength (which is nothing) when we become prideful.  Good stuff.

I love you so much and I am so GRATEFUL for you in my life!  Thanks for your love, prayers, and support.

Elder Gabriel Christiansen
Misión Argentina Resistencia


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