June 1, 2015


Reconquista, Argentina


Elder Jordy Soto

I can see my breath!!!

Hola Queridisma mama!

I love ya so much!  Btw, your spanish is great. Its funny.  I love you so much.  
So I got a bunch of letters from you this week! I also got the envelope with the beenie and the gum!  Thank you soooo much! That gum is the "" !  I love it.  Did you try it?  Its the pink starburst flavor that I know that you love!  I loved grandmas letters!  (i loved how she talked about the weather and what the farmers are worried about! haha.  I love her!)
 Please tell her how much her letters mean to me!  Also I got an envelope from the Harounys!  I got Meet the Mormons!  We are so excited!  We are going to watch it on Wednesday in the branch activity!

So we had Conferencia Multi-zona this week in Resistencia!  So we all traveled up there in a mini bus.  The ride is always fun.  We always tell stories and play road games.  The conference was great. Pte. Franco talked a Lot about obedience, and took a good chunk of time to review many of the mission rules so there wasn't any confusion.  Right now the mission is focusing on becoming Misioneros integros...integral missionaries.  Good stuff.  Pte. and Hermana talked a lot about focus, obedience, and being sanctified missionaries. I love it.  Afterward, we went to Subway.  I love subway sooo much now!

This week we found the COOOLEST family!  L and A!  They live kina far away in Barrio Zulema.  Well we contacted their house on Monday.  She, after asking her husband, let us in and we taught them the Restoration.  She explained that she is kinda catholic...well she said, "i dont really know what I am.." because she JUST believes in Christ, and not in the virgin or other Santos.  Which is aweosme!  She said that she has investigated almost every church known to man, except ours, and has seemed to find all the faults in the other churches.  Now, she is super curious to learn more.  The husband is a little bit quieter, but listened super well and also said that he just wants the best for his family.  He is also a DJ which is super sick!  We went back on wednesday and she had read a little bit, and was even more curious.  Saturday they ALL came to a baptism that we had in the church.  All four of them THEIR CAR!  they have a car!  So that's not going to be an obstacle to come to church! 

Unfortunately they couldnt make it to church yesterday, but we are going to go by tonight...We are just really excited to teach them more!

R 1...still havent really seen her.  R2...we havent been able to find again either.  

I gave a talk in church yesterday.  Didnt really have much time to prepare, but it went well.  I talked about fasting and fast offerings. I know that if we fast, humbly and sincerely, we can improve our relationship with God and with our Savior.  Our fasts can strengthen our prayers and open our hearts.  I know that fasting brings blessings.  I know that fasting can invite the spirit into our lives.   I have been very grateful for the blessings of fasting in my life...more than that, I am so grateful for a mother who values and understands the blessings of fasting and who has taught me that.  Thank you mom.

I have still been taking a lot time in my studies to focus on the Atonement. Almost all my time. I have been led time and time again to the resurrection. This week I was really drawn to the story in Luke when Christ heals the man AFTER saying that his sins were forgiven. There were many who murmured saying, "This man blasphemeth, for who has power to forgive sin save God himself" He then healed the many to show his power over both. Kinda like a physical evidence to prove both arguements. Throughout his life he taught and testified of his Atonement - that he would overcome the effects of the Fall and also the effects of our sins. HIS RESURRECTION WAS THE EVIDENCE of that. It was done on the most personal level. I know that he feels what I feel. Another thing I learned this week was that when one suffers when another person suffers (which is part of our baptismal covenant), the love for that person grows. Its not easy, but the relationship can improve and love is felt. I know that my Savior loves me. It really is something that I KNOW. I want to be more like Him.

Well sorry.  This isn't much interesting stuff.  I'm going to really really really try to do a recording this week to tell you more!  I love you so much! praying for you!

Elder Gabriel Christiansen
Misión Argentina Resistencia


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