September 8, 2015




Elder Karmanov

Lots of Work to Do

Hey mamá!

How has your week been?  Thank you so much for your prayers and your fasting.  I am absolutely positive that I have the most supportive missionary mother that has ever lived.  I am so grateful for you and for OUR family.  We have been so blessed mom, and I feel that we have often not even been able to see or recognize the great blessings that our Heavenly Father has given us.  We have been so blessed to live in a place where the gospel is ever-present and where we have temples.  We live in a remarkable dispensation.  Lately, I have been thinking about that a lot.  Our dispensation is unlike any other.  Why are we here now?  What are we here to do?  We are so blessed to live in the latter-days!

Roberto...Remember him?  He came to church.  It was interesting.  He said that he'll come next week too.  He has a lot of problems, but there is something inside him that really wants to listen to us.  I know its in there just wanting to break out!

We went to Colorado this week and did divisiones with those elders.  I was with Elder S.  He's a new elder with just a few weeks in the mission.  It was pretty funny.  At some points he just asked me what to do, even though we were in his area and I had no idea where we were.  We had some great lessons and met some great people.
Crazy crazy week.  We had transfers.  We are still here in Puerto Vilelas with Elder Karmanov.  I was expecting that to happen.  Barranqueras, the other area next to ours, got closed so now our area is GIGANTIC!  I am not exactly sure how we are going to cover it all, but the Lord will provide. I am really excited for these next upcoming weeks.  We are going to see some great stuff.

I am starting to read 3 Nephi now.  I really love this part of the book of mormon.  Soooo much stuff is going on, and I think that this part of the BoM also teaches us a lot about the way the adversary works (like that talk, Cast Not away therefore your confidence).  He always works hard before and/or after great, important, spiritual moments.  

Mom, I want to ask you a favor and I want you to please take it very seriously.  I have learned on my mission that I have so much to learn and that there is so much that I need to improve.  The Lord has taught me so many things and shown me that I need the Atonement more than ever.  During my mission, I have come to appreciate and understand the divine direction that Preach My Gospel gives us.  One of those things is companionship inventory - a time to sit with our companions and talk about the good things we do or are and also give suggestions and guidance.  I have really learned about the importance of taking advice and suggestions from others, and that's what I want to ask you for.  You know me better than anyone...well, at least anyone here on this earth.  You, as my mother, know my weaknesses and many faults and my shortcomings.  My time is short.  I don't have much left.  I want to know what things you expect of me during these 2 years.  What changes do you expect to see in your son when he comes home from his 2 year mission.  What things did I do before the mission that you want to see changed in me when I come home?  Please think about it, pray about it, and tell me next week.  Please don't beat around the bush or worry about offending me.  I want your sincere advice, suggestions, and expectations. 
I love you so, so much.  Sorry that this is so short. Thank you for being everything to me.  I am so grateful for a RIGHTEOUS mother.  Thank you for being there for me always!

Elder Christiansen

P.S. Pray that I can get caught up in my journal.


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