August 22, 2015




Jacob Whiting

Hi from Argentina! (Letter from an inactive member to Elder C's mom)


My name is S. and i live in Barranqueras CHACO  Argentina. I have been an LDS since 1989 and served a mission in 1992 in Cordoba. Only member in my family and has been tough being this country this catholic. Being born and raised Roman Catholic, I had struggles which I sorted holding my Saviors hand. Due to reasons i will develop in some other e mail i became less active at church for many years already. Some missionaries have come around and as a returned missionary i know exactly the process and the speech they would give a memeber not attending church. For almost 2 years nobody has visited me . A couple of weeks ago i have a dream about missionaries and days later 2 devoted commited elders knocked my door. One of the missionaries was very faithful, and the other elder was not only covered with that glow but also when he opened his mouth was with his feet on earth but at the same time realistic with a strong testimony who was earnestly listening to what i said and from the bottom of his heart commited to help me and my spirit. The words he spoke showed me the background he was coming from and the only thing that came to my mind was: I wonder which family has taken care of his upbringing. I have seen in Elder Christiansen a flawless disciple of our Beloved Lord. Humble and sweet but strong in his testimony made me feel i was being listened and once more i felt the Lord love. Elder C. said: Hermana the ward needs you. with power. Tonight he and his new companion stopped by and we shared a scripture. He said he was touched by my story and it was then when he shared his. We were in tears and he spoke with so much admiration towards his mom. Elder C. has said how extraordinary you are. And wonders how you did to  raise him. He awknowlege more about your great sacrifice now he is in his mission. I wish my daughter Apple speaks about me with such a blissful love he has spoken about you. Sister Christiansen.i am truly grateful for what you have done with your son and i am pretty aware of all the issues you might have gone through but you deserve to feel that joy made in heaven for what you did with him.Thanks again and enclosed is a picture of my daughter and myself. I am 44 years old and i am a teacher.



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