August 10, 2015




Jacob Whiting

Getting ready for some Changes

Hola Mamita!

¿Como estas mamá?  Te extraño un monton, pero ya me falta poco hasta que te puedo ver de nuevo.  No mamá, no estoy trunki.  Quiero que sepas que estoy muy enfocado en lo que yo estoy haciendo y que estoy disfruntando de esta oportunidad tan maravillosa de servir a mi Salvador.
Esta lloviendo ahora.  Que bendicion!  Ha estado haciendo mucho calor estos dias, asi que estoy muy agradecido por la lluvia.
Pero bueno, I guess I will write in English.  I am so grateful for what I am doing right now with my life.  This week I have been constantly pondering what my mission call really means to me.  This week we have had many opportunities to defend and testify strongly of the truths of the gospel, of the restoration, of Christ's resurrection, and of the power of the priesthood.  I am constantly reminded (by the spirit or by other people) that I am just a 21 year old kid, walking around, in a foreign country, speaking a new language, and representing something a lot greater than myself.  How is it that I am doing this?  Why am I here?  What am I doing?  What are other kids my age doing with their lives right now? The Lord really trusts us.  I am so incredibly blessed and privileged to be able to fully dedicate myself to this work.  
This Tuesday we had Consejo (Leadership Council) in Resistencia.  Presidente Franco taught about God's love and the importance to have Faith.  He took time to read Alma 31:34-38 with us and lots of Jacob 5.  At one point he wrote 2 questions on the board: "What does the Lord feel for His children? and "What effort is required of US?"   We talked about how our mission is not reaching its potential right now.  The number of baptisms has been going down in the whole mission, and obviously that's not good.  Pres. Franco talked about the need to raise the level of faith as a mission by TEACHING MORE.  We are now focused on having at least 21 LESSONS "of high quality", meaning lessons that will lead to baptisms.  Afterward, we were all exited about the goal and everything that we learned.  
We also had a surprise visit during the consejo.  Last monday the Scadlock family arrived at Resistencia and they were present during the consejo.  Before and after we had the opportunity to shake their hands and talk to them.  In the morning, after Pres. Franco had given his message, he asked the family to share their testimonies.  The spirit couldn't have been stronger.  Each of them testified of how they have gone through a hard time, how they have learned and grown through it, and they each testified of the reality of the plan of salvation.  The youngest sister got up and shared her testimony at the end.  She said that she too wants to serve a mission.  She said that she knew that families could be together forever. And she said that she knew that Hna. Scadlock was with us.  Hna. Franco, who was translating, couldnt even finish the translation.  She was crying and instead of finishing translation she just testified of what the sister had said.  There were many wet eyes.

On Wednesday we had our zone meeting.  So what happens is that when we have Consejo, all the zone leaders go and listen to the trainings and messages from Pres. Franco, Hna. Franco, and the Assistants.  Then, the zone leaders are supposed to go back and teach and train the zone according to what they learned in consejo.  I really like doing this, because the consejos are always super spiritually packed and we learn a ton.  So Elder Whiting and I prepared ourselves and then had our meeting.  I was in charge of pres. Franco's message.  

After the zone meeting I went with Elder J. to San Martin to do divisiones.  We had a great time and taught a bunch of lessons.  Elder J. is a pretty new missionary, and is still learning some things (as we all are) but he is a great missionary.  We had a lesson with an 8 yr. old girl named M.  (btw, she had a pet monkey that was super cute!  I totally want a pet monkey now).  We had to teach her the Law of Chastity and Elder J. didnt know how to teach that to an 8 yr. old, so I basically taught the whole lesson - explaining that we need to get married before having "children" and that we need to dress well and take care of our bodies.  It was a great lesson and we both learned a lot.

We had an activity on Friday.  We watched Meet the Mormons.  It was good, and we had 2 investigators there, but we didnt have the turn out that we were waiting for, so we are probably going to do the activity again in a month or so, that way we can invite more people! 

Guess what.....WE ARE MOVING!  ITS official!  Today the company is making the contract and Pres. Franco might even be able to sign it this afternoon!  I almost cried when we got the news!  I am so happy to get to move!  Such a blessing.  

This is elder Whiting's last week.  Next monday he goes home and I get a new companion.  We will see what happens.  Until then, keep praying hard and know that I love you so so much!  I continue praying for you and the family!  Also, I fasted for you on Saturday! I love you tons!

Elder Gabriel Christiansen
Misión Argentina Resistencia

Here is a recording about our day on Saturday.


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