July 6, 2015




Jacob Whiting

Gonzalez kids got Baptized!

Hola mamá,

So I am so grateful for the spirit. The spirit is so important, not only in missionary work, but in our lives.  Without the spirit we wander around....lost and confused....without any real direction in our lives.  I am really grateful for my companion's ability to recognize the spirit in our lessons.  So many times we will leave a lesson and he will be like, "it was so awesome that the spirit prompted you to say that"....or "did you see how the spirit did that"....or stuff like that.  I really love that.  He has really made me see the how the spirit influences us in the things we do and say....its just that sometimes we think that its us, but its really not.

We have had some really nice weather....Not hot, not cold.  Yeah i have an umbrella.  I had to buy an new one in Reconquista, and it works well.

No, I actually didnt hear anything about Elder Packers passing!  Thats so sad.  His talk in last conference was one of my favorites!  I am really going to miss him.  I was just thinking about that.  So interesting to see the passing of 2 apostles in such a short amount of time.  It will be interesting to see what happens next conference.  
So whats up with the politics lately?  I keep hearing about race wars and masacres in the U.S....but I never know what to believe.

So I totally forgot to tell you about this last week, but guess what.  Do you remember the Flia. Gonzalez that Elder Leon and I were teaching in Corrientes, in Maipu?  The really interesting family - Diego y Noelia?  Well, last week in splits with the Assistentes, Elder Toledo told me that their kids got baptized!  I just couldn't believe it!  We went through a lot with that family and there were some crazy moments, but I was absolutely blown away to hear that they got baptized!  Soooo cool!  It made me so happy to think that I was able to take part in planting those seeds.  Also there is another lady, Cynthia, that we were teaching.  I heard that she got baptized...and a little while later the rest of her family did too!  So cool!

So this week was NUTS!  Being a Zone Leader is fun, but its also a big responsibility and it keeps us on our toes.  We are over a zone of 14 missionaries - which includes 6 sister missionaries.  This week we planned to do splits with the elders in San Martin and Colorado, which are some other areas in our zone that are like 2 hours away.  Well, he had planned that my companion was going to go there for a couple days with the elders there and I was going to stay and work here in Puerto Vilelas with Elder Jimenez.  Well, about 30 min before we had to catch our bus, Elder Whiting found out that he had to stay in Resistencia for a doctors appt. and by that time we didnt have time to go back to the apartment to get clothes for me, so we just went to the bus station and caught our bus.  So I just dealt with what I had for a few days.

Divisiones were great.  I was able to get to know Elder Allred and his area (San Martin) and Elder Fuentes and his area (El Colorado).  I was able to get to know some of their investigators and help these elders help their investigators overcome some of there obstacles.  At one point, with Elder Fuentes, we went to visit a member family.  After talking to the hermano for a couple minutes I found out that he is from quitilipi.  Turns out that his mom in Hna. Lucia.  Shes the sweetest old lady that we used to visit!   We called her our abuela!  Thats so cool!  He was way excited to hear that I knew his mom.  I left a note with him to take to her this week.  We also had a super cool lesson with this guy named Omar.  After asking him what he would do if he got the answer from God that this is the true church, he said, "Well, I would go to church on sunday...and then I would keep learning...and I would prepare myself to get baptized" !!!  One of the most amazing answers I have heard anyone give!  He then accepted a baptismal date for the 25th of July. so cool.

So this week we are also looking for a new apartment....Our current apartment isnt the most pleasant of places.  Pray we can find something soon.

We basically need to find a bunch of new investigators.  This week we haven't been able to find D. and V. and all.  E. told us not to come back. And, even though we have a couple other investigators, almost nobody is progressing right now.  We have been able to teach a decent amount since we have got here, but we really want to find people who are more prepared to accept our message.  Especially now that both of us have such little time, we want to make the best of it.  Pray that we will find people that are ready...people that want to accept the gospel and our invitations.

Well mom!  I love you so much!  Have a super duper week and I will be praying very hard for your protection.  I love you so much and I hope you know how much I love the gospel.  It truly saddens me to see the world as it is.  We really need to stay strong because the winds are blowing. 

Have a great week!

Elder C


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