June 22, 2015




Jacob Whiting

Hola from Puerto Vilelas

Hola Mamá,

So this has been such a crazy week, but that’s probably since we've been basically lost in our area all week. It was actually super cold for like 2 days! It’s actually going pretty well. We haven’t actually gotten lost yet, but we often times get rather disoriented.

I have been really liking Resistencia so far, it’s different. It’s different to have a lot of active members in our area. Here we have lunches every day! Can you believe it?! I have been in heaven! We eat a lot. It’s awesome. And you will also be happy to know that, due to the increase in member lunches, I have indeed been eating more fruits! Several times this week members gave us apples of oranges for dessert and I was
just on cloud 9. We also have one family in our area named the Familia Garcia. They own a bakery! We have only gone over twice but they always give us hot chocolate and hot bread and pastries! Its soooo good.

Church was good yesterday. It’s really weird being in a ward again...First of all, there was a lot more noise in sacrament meeting because of the little kids and babies. I haven’t heard that in a while. Second of all, it was weird for me not having to do everything as missionaries to make the meetings run smoothly. This is the first time also that I have said "obispo" to someone (bishop). I think I am going to like working here. I see that the missionaries need to really work with the members a little more and we need to excite them to take part in this great work!

Elder Whiting and I are doing well. Like I said, we are really getting to know our area and the people here, but it’s going well. He's a good guy. I am so happy that with him we are both focused on being more obedient and on being good examples. He's from Gilbert Arizona and he goes home half way through the next transfer. We actually were at BYU together during the summer term. He lived in Building 9 while I was an RA! We didn’t really know each other, but we always saw each other around. So that’s pretty neat.

So things are a lot different this transfer. Elder Whiting and I are zone leaders here in Resistencia 2. We have been super super busy just this past week. With the white wash and our new responsibilities, we have been kept on our toes. We have lots to do and lots of missionaries to look out for. Honestly, I have been really taking a lot of time to ponder my new calling and I have spent a LOT of time on my knees praying to my Heavenly Father to help me magnify my calling. We have been making lots of plans and setting goals, and we have actually been in contact with Pres. Franco a lot this week. We have a great zone, but it has been needing a lot of help. Pres. Franco basically asked us to turn our zone around, and has asked us to lead and guide the missionaries by love and obedience. I really do recognize that it’s a HUGE responsibility and I am taking it very seriously.

This week we did splits with the other area, Barranqueras, to get to know our area a little better. I was with Elder Briceño. He is a great guy. He's a convert from Honduras and he’s only been a member for about 4 years. I love doing splits with other elders because I always learn so much. We went around and got to know some of the menos activos (less actives) and were able to do a bunch of tracting. It was fun.

We basically have a TON of work ahead of us, but I am so excited. I am happy to be in a new area and with a new companion and with a new vision. I know that the Lord has placed me here in this place and in this moment because he has a plan for me here. I love what I am doing, and I know that He lives. I am purely convinced that we are going to see great things here.

I love you tons! Have a super week. I am praying for you.

Elder Gabriel Christiansen
Misión Argentina Resistencia


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