May 26, 2015


Reconquista, Argentina


Elder Jordy Soto

Carta Semenal

Date: Tuesday, May 26, 2015
Subject: Carta Semenal

Hola Mami,

Hows it going?  How was your week.  I keep thinking about how jealous I am that you get to go to the temple so much.  Well, I guess its not jealousy, because I am just so happy that you are able to go.  What an incredible blessing.  I hope you really really really realize that!
So we didn't write yesterday because it was 25 de Mayo. Basically like the 4 of july here, except there weren't any fireworks or celebrations.
So this week has been super long!  But, as always, it went by fast.  I was really happy that we were able to teach more lessons.  I think that we had about 18 lessons this week.  That has been kinda buggin me since I got here because I really want to be teaching more.  It was really hard for us to get lessons when I was here in this same area last year..  There was one week that we had like 5 lessons.  Then I went to Quitilipi and I got used to having more like 28 to 30 lessons a week.  I loved that.  I really felt that I was fulfilling my purpose more as I was able to teach more.  That's what I came here to do.  Teach.  More than anything, its been hard for Elder Soto and I to have more lessons. Often its because our lessons are just longer than they need to be.  We are working on improving together, and we are seeing some results.

This week I finished reading Mosiah and started reading Alma.  I am really loving it. From these chapters I have been learning a lot about religious freedom.  Here we begin to see a lot of the contentions and problems between members of the church and "non-believers"...even Anti-Christs.  We see what King mosiah and Alma do to establish PEACE!...they establish laws that protect the rights of the people...of matter their beliefs.  I am really beginning to understand why the brethren are putting such great emphasis on religious rights.

The other day, while we were walking down the street, I had the impression that I need to study more about the pillars of eternity - the creation, the fall, and the atonement.  Not exactly sure why, but I felt that I personally need to improve my understanding of these things.  So these past two days I have been really focusing on the Atonement and I am going to keep studying it this week.  I have been reading this incredible talk by W. Cleon Skousen called "The Meaning of the Atonement".  See if you can find it.  Incredible.  It talks a lot about how its possible that God does all that He does, and why and how the universe obeys him.  Let me know if you find it. I am not really sure if it's doctrine actually...but it does have some interesting ideas.

We have just heard a lot of pavadas this week.  In spanish a pavada basically is like jiberish.  We always hear a lot of garbage, but its just really called my attention this week. Stuff like "all churches lead to God" or "the only thing you need to be saved is faith" or "believing in God is important, but I dont have time".  Its kinda ridiculous. Very few people have a clear idea about what religion is, and it makes me sad. Most people see religion as a choice, as a hobby, or a pastime, or preference.  Not many people seem to grasp the concept of what knowing the truth means.  I have seen this sooo much on my mission.  Its sad because I have seen that its one of Satans ways of pulling away Gods children.

Hey Elder Naumann just said that his mom said that she was chatting with you, and that you were really nice.  I love my mommy!

So yeah, we went and did service with the Familia Borda on Thursday.  We helped dig out their front patio and take out their old sidewalk so they can put a new patio in.  Afterward, we got permission to eat lunch with them!  We had milanesas de higado!....liver....still not my favorite, but I can get it down. haha.
This week we found another lady named R.  She's also really cool.  She has heard a little bit about the church because her daughter, who is the wife of a member in the other branch, has told her a little bit about the church.  On Thursday, we did divisiones and Yoel Borda came out with me to Barrio Zulema to teach her.  He has a hard time understanding and doesn't really know how to read, but he was super excited to teach and when he shared his testimony, the spirit was super strong.  We were really excited to get him excited about the gospel.

Hey I almost forgot!  I talked to Pte. Franco on Saturday and its official.  I have now extended my mission for 3 weeks!  I am pretty excited about that!  I have no idea what's going to happen when I go home though...or how that's all going to work out.  We will see.
Well, that's my week basically.  I love it here.  I am going to try to do a recording next week so I can tell you more about it all.!  I love you so much!  I am and will continue to pray for you and all these things that are going on.  I love ya!

Con mucho amor de tu hijo,
Elder Gabriel Christiansen


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