May 18, 2015


Reconquista, Argentina


Elder Jordy Soto

I REALLY love to see the temple

Hola Mamá!

You know how much I love you? I miss you tons! Thanks for being my mom. Yes, I am feeling a lot better now. These past two weeks I have been specifically including "focus" for you and for me in my prayers. I feel like I have needed that in my studies. I am really trying to get to know the Book of Mormon better...but there is soooo much to know and sooo much to remember. I have been praying that my Heavenly Father can help me remember what I study and help me call upon that information when I most need it. I have been praying for the same for you in your studies.
Before I forget...Read Alma 24 and Alma 26.17-20. I am not sure why, but when I read these scriptures this week I just started crying and crying. I am so grateful for the scriptures that tell us of the mighty examples of these people. I was extremely impressed by their faith and incredible will-power. They loved their savior so much and were willing to suffer death to keep their covenants.
It’s been a beautiful week. It’s cooling off nicely here. It’s definitely autumn. The leaves are starting to change colors and it’s been overcast a lot this week. It feels really nice to walk through the streets and feel the fresh southern breeze with the smell of hot, fresh guiso and empanadas in the air. All the people start to wear sweaters and jackets but they still get around on their bicis and motos. I just love it here.
So we found R. this week! She’s back! We went by her house Tuesday morning. She didn’t look too good. She explained a little bit about what had happened. Basically she is still going through a lot. She has a been through A LOT of emotional trauma and is in therapy right now. She told us that she preferred that we don’t come by for right now, because she’s worried that we will come by on a bad day and that she will treat us badly. But she promised that she wants to keep learning and keep listening to us.....she just needs some time for recovery. We tried to explain, that what we teach - the gospel - is what is going to help her through this more than anything else. For now, we are going by every couple of days and leaving movies with her that she can watch. Keep praying for her.

So I told you that I was going to tell you about the miracles I would see this week. This week we found Ra. and her family. She is an older lady that lives with her husband and grandson. We contacted her husband Wednesday and he told us to come back Thursday. We came back and they let us in and listened to us. This lady KNOWS that we were sent by God. She began to tell us about all the problems that they are facing in her family and how on Wednesday, they were going through more than ever. She said she knew that we were sent by God because we always pass by her house but never stop. (she lives about a block away from L.). Right when they needed it the most, we came. That was a really cool experience. Powerful. She really wants us to keep coming by and sharing with them. The only thing is that she talks a TON and is almost certain that she doesn’t have any sins....we are going to have to work on that.
So yeah, this week we found some cool people including this lady named C. She told us that when she was younger the missionaries used to visit her. We had a lesson with her and her grandkids and she remembered a lot....then at the end she was like, "yeah the Mormons were always so good to know what?...I even got baptized!" We were like what?!?!?! So turns out that she is a member! So we are going to reactivate her. She’s cool!

So this week we ALMOST had a baptism! haha, well what happened was that we couldn’t find the membership record of one of the Borda kids - Ezequiel. So we were all worried about what we had to do so that he could go to the temple dedication. We almost had to baptize him again, but then, after talking with Buenos Aires and Pres. Franco, we found out that we could just make a new form. Haha.
The temple dedication was by far the highlight of my week. Mom, I miss the temple so much. It’s decided. I want to do everything possible to be able to work in the temple when I get home. I just want to go to the temple! I miss it so much! So Sunday we got up and had to get to the other chapel early. It was very quiet and reverent. The branch presidents were at the door to check temple recommends. That’s something I missed...just being able to present my recommend. While we waited there was music playing and pictures and video footage of a bunch of made me miss home...for the temples. The dedication was beautiful. Elder Christofferson conducted in Spanish. His Spanish is really good. Elder Uchtdorf did the dedicatory prayer. The spirit was strong. The talks were good. Elder Gonzalez, the temple presidency, and Elder Zeballos spoke. I loved what elder Uchtdorf said as well, “GOD KEEPS HIS COVENANTS". That hit me hard. Also he talked about how with every temple built, Satan loses power over the earth, which was interesting because that phrase came to my mind clearly as we were watching the pictures before it started. Singing the spirit of God at the end was the best! Super strong spirit. I love temples sooooo much. I know that I have received many blessings in my life because of the temple!

I love you tons! Have a great week! I keep praying for you! Know that you are loved BY MANY!

Elder C


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