April 15, 2020


Paita, Peru


Elder Flores

Ethan Scott - week 40 - Home

Buenas Noches mis queridos amigos!

I am so sorry for the little to no emails these past couple weeks, life has gotten just a little bit crazy in the mission world. So, this past week I had to return home from Peru due to the CoronaVirus. I am honestly very sad and still in shock that I am home because I still feel like a missionary. I love the people of Peru, with everything I have, and I will miss them so very much. I do not have words to describe the love I have for them and the experiences we created together these past 10 months. In this time of hardship, I feel there is a valuable lesson that we all can learn about accepting the will of the Father. We all need to remember that God has a plan. He has a plan for every single one of us. He chose us one by one to come to the earth at this time because he knew WE ARE STRONG ENOUGH! I know that God gives us these challenges so that we can become stronger and more like him! With that, I know and have faith that whatever happens in these next couple of months will be for the best! I do not know when or where I will be reassigned, but I do know that it will be perfect. Because God is perfect, and there are people waiting for me to serve them, whether it be in Peru or in the United States. I feel so blessed to be able serve and be a missionary. I love you all so very much. 

Thank you for all of the thoughts and prayers.

Elder Scott


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