February 3, 2020


Paita, Peru


Elder Flores

Ethan Scott - week 30 - agency

This week I learned a lot about agency. Agency is literally one of the most powerful and amazing gifts that God has given us. We all came here with a purpose to choose, good, or bad, and use our agency the way we want. Satan doesn't want us to have agency, he wants us all to be perfect through force and commanding, whereas Jesus gave us his plan with the ability to choose. I realized this week something super huge about this. So, my companion Elder Flores and I have been really working extra hard this week to get our 6 investigators to come to church. We have passed by their houses, had members pass by, called them, texted them, fasted for them, and literally did everything we possibly could on our part to get them to come to church. We even woke up early and walked to all of their houses before church starts at 8am to re invite them. As we were at church we had not one single investigator show up. Elder Flores and I were thinking why didn't the Lord provide a way for them to come to church? We have done everything that we can! Are we failures of missionaries? And we were sitting there thinking and praying on how we could have been better. Then an inspired thought came to my head, that we have agency. We cannot force them to come to church, God cannot force them either, nobody can because they have their agency to choose. Then I was thinking more about this and I thought if we did all that we can do, and they still don't come to church it is okay. It is really sad but it is okay because it really is their choice. Then I was thinking about how this could relate to the gospel. Then I immediately thought of Jesus Christ and his atonement. Christ, literally suffered on the cross for every single one of us, and for every single one of our sins. This is so that we can come to him and be clean through his atoning sacrifice. But, there are many who don't use his sacrifice and Christ literally did everything. But, that doesn't make Christ a bad Christ ahha, because he used his agency for good. So, applying that to us, I learned that if I feel I literally did everything I possibly could and I still don't have success it is okay. It doesn't make me a bad missionary, it just means that I am living haha. I am living in a world full of agency. The best thing we can do to help others use their agency for good is to love them like Jesus loves every single one of us. I am so grateful for this opportunity to serve and really draw my life closer to my loving Savior. I am forever grateful for him and his atoning sacrifice so I could have my agency and be saved. 


I love you all so very much and hope you all had an amazing week.


Les amo muchooooo

Elder Scott



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