January 27, 2020


Paita, Peru


Elder Flores

Ethan Scott - week 29 - Mi historia con “Clarito”

Buenas tardes a todos! Esta semana fue una semana que no voy a olvidar. 

So, this week Elder Young and I were contacting around lunch time. As, we were contacting we found an older lady that had a super hole in the wall restaurant. She invited us in and gave us free soap or soup. The soup looked really gross because it had a giant chicken foot in it, but it actually tasted really good, and I would have to say I enjoyed it. After the soup, she asked us if we wanted CLARITO. I looked at her and said in Spanish, Is it like lemonade! She said no, then asked me if I have ever drinken it. I told her no, and she brought my comp Elder Young and I a big bowl of clarito to share. Elder Young takes the first big drink and almost pukes haha, and then tells me it takes like puke. I then grab the bowl, take a giant swig, it didn't taste that good, and it tasted extremely fermentation. I thought to myself, I think this is beer. I told Elder Young that I think it is beer, and he said he doesn’t think it is because she said Clarito not Cerveza)in Spanish Cerveza means beer=. So, we both shrugged our shoulders and drank the whole bowl of clarito because we didn't want to be rude. Afterwards, I was feeling really weird and different, so I called my district leader and asked him what is clarito_ On the phone he was like oooohhhh noooooo! You didn't drink it did you! I said yeah…. Then he said that is a type of beer that they have here. I was then like ohh shoot. Elder Young and I drank alcohol…. We both had no clue that CLARITO was ALCOHOL!! So, for the first time in my life I accidentally drank a decent amount of alcohol. Kinda funny ahha! The end result of this, Elder Young and I both got extremely sick for 2 days because it wasn't clean…. 


But, other than that this week was a super awesome last week for Elder Young and I. We found a new really solid investigator named Pablo. Pablo is about 15 years old and is just an awesome dude. We were contacting and not having much success, we almost turned back, then we saw a pass along card taped to Pablos door, so we knocked it, and met PABLO. We have really met a lot of people this week and it has been awesome. It is amazing how the Holy Ghost can literally guide you to the people that are ready to hear and accept the gospel of Jesus Christ. But, this week we had cambios or transfers, my new comp is… ELDER FLORES. I am super hyped to be with him, he was with me in the CCM, and is just and awesome dude. He will help me so much, especially with my Spanish. Super excited for these next six weeks with him. 


I love you all so much, hope you all are doing great, you are all in my prayers!

Con mucho amor

Elder Scott


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