January 14, 2020


Paita, Peru


Gavin Young

Ethan Scott - mission week 27 - 6 Meses

So, this week marks my 6 months out here in Peru and wow is time flying by so fast. I cannot believe that I am already 1/4 of the way done with my mission. Way too crazy and way too fast! 


But, this week I had a really great experience of overcoming my fear by trusting in the spirit. So, we have been teaching a lady named Mirtha and all of her family for about three weeks. Mirtha is so awesome, she is literally like the perfect investigator. They are all super attentive and are just great learners to say the least. With these people being so awesome, I have been really scared to ask them to be baptized. This is because usually if they say no you will never see them again. But, this week we had a lesson with Hermana Mirtha, and we taught her the Plan of Salvation. She LOVED IT! She never knew where we came from, what is our purpose here on earth, and where are going after this life. So, the lesson was a big success. As we were finishing up the lesson I got a spiritual prompting to ask her to be baptized. I was really scared to ask her because I did not want to lose one of my best investigators. But, I asked her, Hermana Mirtha which of these kingdoms would you like to go to, Celestial, Terrestrial, or Telestial. Then she told me celestial. I then told her that in order to enter into this kingdom you need to be baptized. She then told me, Well, how can I get baptized. I was like YESSSS! In my head and heart, I then explained to her the process of baptism and we set a date to have her baptism next month.


Really, this was a super great experience for me because I realized that as I rely on the spirit, that the person I am teaching and I will be blessed. I am so thankful for the guidance of the Holy Ghost in my life. Such an amazing gift from our loving Heavenly Father. 


Well, I love you all very much, thank you for all the thoughts, prayers, and emails!


Elder Scott




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