January 7, 2020


Paita, Peru


Gavin Young

Ethan Scott - mission week 26


This week I learned a little bit more about the Peruvian culture and the way of life out here. So, to start off the adventure, let's start with New Year’s or Ano Nuevo. For New Year’s everyone here creates something called a Munecos. They are pretty much scare crows that look really real ahah. With these Munecos at 12 midnight or New Year’s they light them all on fire!! It is extremely intimidating when I saw just a ton of people burning in the streets of Peru. Because through the fire it legit looked like they were burning people at the stake. HAHAH! But, thankfully they were just scare crows. 


The second crazy thing they do here is birthday parties. So, this week I had my birthday on January 4 and I turned 19 years old. But little did I know about the terrible things that happened on your birthday here in Peru. As I was about to finish up my day, we had a zone conference to end the day. I was invited to do the practice in front of the whole entire zone of Paita. I gracefully accepted and started the practice. As I was talking and doing the contact I hear laughing and FELIZ CUMPLEANOS ELDER SCOTT! Next thing I knew I had 19 eggs smashed on the top of my head from the whole entire zone to mark my 19th birthday. It was an awful ahahah! I have never smelled, felt, or looked so bad ever. I had to take like an hour shower to get all the egg shells and yoke out of my hair and the yoke all over my body. But, with Año Nuevo y mi cumpleanos this week was a really fun and eventful week.

 I am really enjoying my time on my mission, little by little I am becoming more and more accustomed to the Peruvian way of life. I hope you all know I love you all so very much, and you are all in my prayers.


Con mucho amor,

Elder Scott

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