December 30, 2019


Paita, Peru


Gavin Young

Ethan Scott - mission week 25

Feliz Navidad y Bienvenidos a 2020!!!


Well, this week has been a very
eventful week out here in Paita. What I have learned that Christmas here is
celebrated on the 24th or Christmas eve. The way they celebrate Christmas here
is they stay up all night long, listening to music, dancing, shooting off roman
candles, and literally being as loud as possible haha! Then at like midnight
they open all the gifts, play with the gifts till like 6am, then everyone
sleeps the whole day of the 25. So, proselytizing on that day wasn't very
successful but it was kind of funny how they celebrate Christmas. But, Christmas
was amazing! My comp Elder Young and I just chilled, ate some chocolate and Panettone,
and just pretty much enjoyed the day.


This week has been a hard week for us to encounter new people because of the Holidays and everyone traveling and sleeping and stuff like that. But, this week I learned a very powerful lesson: It is working till the end. So, my comp Elder Young and I had been contacting for about 3ish days without any luck. We were having trouble finding people. So, we set a day to contact all day so that we could find new people. As we were doing this for all day we had no luck. My hopes were down and I think my comps were getting there too. We looked at watches and it was like 7 pm and we were like it is time for dinner. But, I did not want to go back with nothing all day. So, I told Elder Young we gotta contact one more person. Even though I was beat and just wanted to eat. As we were tracking through this dirt road I saw a family outside. I immediately contacted them and they were awesome! LA FAMILIA CRUZ JIMENEZ! They let us teach all three of them. Then asked when we could come back. I told them whatever day works best for them. Then they told me, would tomorrow work for you guys? I was like yeah!!! Haha I was a blessing and miracle for Elder Young and I. 


I truly believe it came through our diligence. I am so grateful for this time I have to be a missionary and learn all of these wonderful Christlike characteristics and develop them! It is truly amazing! I hope that all of you guys had an amazing Christmas!


Love you all!

Elder Scott




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