December 23, 2019


Paita, Peru


Gavin Young

Ethan Scott - mission week 24

This week was FANTASTICO!


So, just in case you didn't catch it last week, but I have moved areas and am now in an area called Paita in Peru. But, this week I had the opportunity to go back to my old area in Miraflores for something really special. A BAPTISM! So, this week I officially had my very first baptism as a missionary and let me just say it was awesome. I have never felt so much joy, peace, and love. I was able to baptism one of my old investigators named Jiancarlo Gomez. It was just such an awesome experience.


Other than that, this week Elder Young and I have been rocking it. We are working non-stop every day from 630 am till 930 pm. Through our diligent work I am really seeing blessings flow our way. For example, this week we found a really awesome young man named Gabriel, we taught him once, then came back for the second visit to teach him, and this time his older brother was there too. So, we invited the brother to join in and it just so happened that his brother was an inactive member and wanted to become active again. So, we taught them both and the older brother was testifying all the things we were teaching to his younger brother Gabriel. Blessing and miracle for us!! We have just overly, had a lot of little miracles like that throughout the week.


One kind of funny miracle is that I was able to conquer the Peruvian pan cooked fish with a fat plate of rice. This fish is literally a fish cut in half and they leave everything inside of it, then they cook it in a pan, and give it to you with a huge plate of rice. I have never been able to eat this monster till this week. For two reasons, I absolutely cannot stand the taste of fish, and the eyes, guts, teeth, and stuff are like falling out of it. It just doesn't even look appetizing. But, I was able to eat it this week which was a miracle to say the least.


One thing I have been really liking about our weeks we have been having the opportunity to share the video of Jesus Christs birth every night with a family. I really love this because it helps me every day remember my loving Savior, his humble birth, and sacrifice for each and every one of us. How amazing it is that he was born and died for us. I could not be more grateful for him and the love and support he gives me. I invite you all to watch the video of the Savior's birth from Light the World. It is truly powerful and will bring the Christmas spirit into your home. I love you all so very much. 


Feliz Navidad!

Elder Scott

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