December 16, 2019


Paita, Peru


Gavin Young

Ethan Scott - mission week 23

Bienvenidos a Paita Elder Scott!!! 


So this week was a very eventful and fun week for my companion and I. This week was cambios so I will be moving from my home area Miraflores, to a place called Paita. My area within Paita is called Los Pescadores. Which in English means the fishermen. I am a little nervous about that because I absolutely cannot stand the taste of fish, and now I am living in a fishing town where I will be eating fish EVERY SINGLE DAY! Other than that, I am super stoked to serve the people of Paita and give them my all! My new companion is Elder Young. He has just finished training as of today and is white just like me. So, we will have a fun time learning the language together ahaha! I know we got this, Elder Young seems way cool! 


But, my last week in Miraflores was definitely one to remember. This week we ran out of money so we had to start walking everywhere, and I mean EVERYWHERE. But, we experienced a huge milagro this week! So we have like two proselyting areas that are about 1 and a half miles apart. The areas are called Maria Goreti and Castilla. So, one day we had a cita or appointment every hour in each of those places. So, we would teach for an hour then walk to Maria Goreti. Teach another hour, then walk back to Castilla. But, we did this for every hour of the day. We walked close to 10 miles more or less. By the last cita of the day we were running late to it by 30 min, were hungry, and very tired. But, I felt in my heart that we needed to get to this family that was about a mile away. So, I told my comp lets run, it's the last cita of the day let's give it our all, so we ran on empty stomachs and blisters. As we were running I prayed that  moto would pull over and take us to our cita for free so we could teach this family. As I said amen I swear a moto pulled over. It was a borracho, or drunk guy, that we taught a while back. He offered to take us to our cita for free!!! I like immediately got the chills because I knew that was a blessing and miracle from my heavenly father. Then, at the cita, to say the least we reactivate an inactive family! LA FAMILIA NUNJAR! I am so happy for them and it felt so good to be legit lost in the work of the Lord. 


The next super exciting thing that will happen is that I will be having my first baptism this Thursday!! With a guy named Jian Carlo. We have literally only been teaching him for about 3 weeks and he just keeps telling us he wants to be baptized! So, we finally finished teaching this awesome man, and this Thursday at 5 o’clock he will be entering the waters of baptism! So happy for him! 


Overall, it has been a really great week, full of miracles and experiences that I will never forget! 


Love you all so much! 

Elder Scott




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