December 9, 2019


Miraflores Ward, Piura, Peru



Ethan Scott - mission week 22



This week
was something real special. I have officially broke into the mission life. LOL.
This week we had our Christmas multizone and we were about to play some games
for the multizone. Elder Roberts and I were very determined to win, in order to
win any game or physical activity it is important to stretch. So, I began with
a couple of side lounges, touching my toes, and then one big ballerina squat to
finish it off. Let’s just say, I should not have done the ballerina squat.
Right as I did the ballerina squat I ripped my suit pants right down the middle
ahaha!  I was like RIP literally ahah! So
after this occurred, my companion and I had to change my pants in our room, and
miss all of the fun games. Life lesson from this, stretching does not bring
victory. So do not stretch hahah!


funny thing this week is that Elder Roberts and I have ran into a lifetime
supply of bananas. I am not joking, this member has about 10,000 bananas right
now in her house and every time we stop by we get like 10 bags of bananas and
papayas. I am eating right now on average about 10 bananas every day.


We also got
lost this week in one of our areas called Victor Raul, we were walked through
it and found a gate, so we opened it and started walking down a canal with tons
of little shacks and houses. It was super cool because now we have like a whole
new little area we did not know about. So we had some fun over there.


This week
was a little rough for me because I got sick. I had insane migraines for like 3
days and could not sleep or do anything it kind of stunk. But, I am doing a lot
better now. Water and ibuprofen solved the problem for that one.


But, one
super spiritual experience we were able to have this week was with the mom of
Danna and Ana. The moms name is Carla. She does not like our church and has
learned a lot of false things about it from the internet. So, she will not let
her two daughters Danna and Ana be baptized. But, this week we were able to
schedule a cita with just her. It was soooo awesome. We were able to go through
her dudas or doubts one by one and resolve them all. We also ended up teaching
her part of the restoration! The best part is that she told us she would like
us to come back and teach her more! This is super awesome for us because now we
are not only helping Danna and Ana, but also their mom Carla. Makes me soo


our week has been pretty tranquilo, but I am doing great and love all the
emails, prayers, and support, you guys are the best. Love you all so much and
have an AWESOME week!


Elder Scott


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