December 3, 2019


Miraflores Ward, Piura, Peru


Elder Wiscomb

Ethan Scott - mission week 21

Milagros despues milagros por esta semana! This week was probably the most spiritual and most spectacular week of my whole entire mission. So, we had a mighty miracle this week that I would like to share with you guys. We have investigators right now that I call investigadores de oro, this is because they are investigators of gold. Their names are Danna and Ana. Danna is 17 years old and Ana is 13 years old. These two girls are step sisters. We have been teaching them for about a week and a half now and they are already ready for baptism! They have told us multiple times that they want to be baptized and that they know everything we are teaching is true. So, everything was going great until this past Friday. We had a cita with them and they told us that their parents had said they couldn't take anymore lessons, cannot go to church, and most definitely cannot be baptized. As they were saying this they began to cry and I am not going to lie but, I began to cry as well. I was so struck and not ready for this because everything seemed to be going super smooth. After they told us this I began to talk to them. I have no clue what or how I was able to talk so well in Spanish but I ended up talking to them for about 30 minutes nonstop. I felt the gift of tongues and God using me as his mouthpiece. As I finished up talking to Danna and Ana I felt prompted to offer them bendiciones de consuelo or a blessing of counsel. Immediately as I said this I thought to myself jeee, I have never given one of these before let alone in Spanish… But, I made sure to review the steps and then proceed with faith, and with the power of God I was able to pronounce a blessing upon them. I cannot remember what I said, all I can remember was that it was the most powerful thing I have ever done. I remember one thing, and it was that through your faith, diligence, and prayers, the hearts of your parents will be softened and you will have the opportunity to be baptized in the name of our Savior Jesus Christ. We then left for our room. As we arrived to the room we began to pray for them.  We heard a knock on our door after about 10 minutes. It was Danna and Ana! They were at our room crying with tears of joy! They then began to explain how they prayed right as we left and then asked their parents again if they could be baptized and their parents said yes! They said they have no clue how the hearts of their parents were changed so fast! I told them that it was only through the power of our loving Heavenly Father that this could happen! We all then began to cry in joy! I cannot describe the happiness and joy I felt in that moment! I just know that our Heavenly Father loves us, and through our faith and diligence he will bring about mighty miracles that will bless us! My faith in the power of God has grown immensely this week! 


I love you all so much! 


Thank for all the thoughts and prayers!



Elder Scott


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