November 4, 2019


Miraflores Ward, Piura, Peru


Logan Mullens

Ethan Scott - mission week 17

Como le va el pecho!


haha how is your chest doing these week folks mine is doing great! 


This week was a very eventful week for my comp and I. This week we had Halloween and el dia de los muertos. El dia de los muertos here is AMAZING! If you have ever watched the movie Coco with all the candles everywhere, it is exactly like that! It was one of the coolest experiences of my life seeing thousands of people gather and put 10 to 20 candles in front of their loved one that had passed. The coolest part was that we were given like 10 to 15 candles to participate in this holiday. With these candles we lit them, put them in front of people that had passed, and talked to the family about their loved one. As we were doing this, we got to give people hope, comfort, and a better understanding of God's plan for them and their family. As we taught, we could see the light rush into each and every one of their souls, because they now knew that their parent, brother, sister, grandma, ect is alive and in a state of rest. They also now knew that they are going to see them again! It was such an amazing feeling to be the mouthpiece of the Lord for these people, because they did not know of life after death! I couldn’t help but feel so grateful and blessed to be a part of this church and its teachings for my family and I. The thing that struck me the most that night was the thousands of people who are patiently waiting for their work to be done in the temple. Like it blew me away. I feel like a lot of times we do not realize the amount of people in constant need of our help. So my mini challenge this week is to do your family history work! Go to the temple! These people are patiently waiting and cannot progress without us! It is so important that we do this, these are our brothers and sisters!!


Let's get to work! 


I love you all so much!

Elder Scott 


Tried to get a picture with the goats, but they ran away.

My gourmet breakfast (made it myself)

Halloween Party at a member's home
Katty, Victoria and Valentina

Day of the Dead

This is Lleyton our investigator

Members of our ward, kids are Bruce and Linzy

P-day activities with other missionaries.

Can you find me?


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