October 14, 2019


Miraflores Ward, Piura, Peru


Logan Mullens

Ethan Scott - mission week 14

This week has been one of the hardest but most rewarding weeks of my mission. This week I have learned about trials and their importance to our spiritual growth. The reason we have trials is not to make us feel terrible, or we cannot go on, or to draw us away from our loving Heavenly Father. The reason we have trials is because our loving Heavenly Father wants us to grow closer to him and become strong like him. For me this week my main trial has been the language barrier I have with the people here in Piura. I have so much trouble sometimes understanding what they are saying and then responding back in a way that makes sense. But, through this trial I have noticed through prayer the significant relationship I have developed with my Heavenly Father. To be honest it feels amazing to have a stronger relationship with somebody that loves me so much and always wants the best for me! It then made me think, Would I have this awesome uplifting relationship with my Heavenly Father if I did not have this trial... I then quickly thought to myself no. Then at that exact moment I realized the importance of trials in our lives. They are here to help us grow stronger and closer to our loving Heavenly Father. I have noticed a huge increase of joy in my life as I am out here in Peru learning a new language because of the constant love I feel from my Heavenly Father. I really invite you all to turn to your loving Heavenly Father, ask him for the love, help, and comfort you need to overcome your trial. I promise you that you will grow more than you ever imagined and will also feel the love of Heavenly Father for you! 
I would like to bear you all my testimony that trials are here for us to grow! They are here to bring us strength and mold us into the people Heavenly Father has intended for us to be! I promise you as you go through your trials with Heavenly Father you will realize that your trials are really just a great opportunity for you to develop an awesome relationship with your Heavenly Father. 
I love you all!
Elder Scott 


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