October 7, 2019


Miraflores Ward, Piura, Peru


Logan Mullens

Ethan Scott - mission week 13

How's it going my people! This week I had the unique opportunity to meet a friend named Peter. Peter is a pet monkey and he is awesome! I guess here in Peru having a pet monkey is really popular lol. Anyways this week I would really like to talk about the importance of Jesus Christ. I have recently been reading a book called Believing in Christ. It is really awesome! Anyways this book has a common phrase that repeats throughout the book. It is that we should not just believe in Christ but BELIEVE CHRIST. Think about this for a second. A lot of people in this world believe in Christ. But, believing in him is not enough. We need to believe Christ has the power to lift us up out of our darkness, trials, sins, and times of hopelessness through his atonement. The atonement is a literal gift from God to us. It isn't a bad thing to repent, it is actually a really good thing. Everytime we repent we change and grow closer to our Savior and his perfect example for us. We all commit sins whether we like it or not. I do, you do, we all do. But, that is why we have the atonement, it is to help us overcome our errors and be more like Christ. The closer we get to the example of Christ the happier we become. This is exactly why repentance is the BEST THING ON THIS EARTH! But, in order for this awesome thing to work we have to believe Christ and the power he has to erase, clean, and heal us from our transgressions big or small. Christ suffered in the garden and on the cross for each one of our sins. Christ knows us perfectly and is always going to be here to heal you as long as you ask in faith for his atonement. I learned something about how Christ feels when we do not use his atonement. Imagine this, you are handing out candy at a homeless shelter. What is the one thing you want to see from these people as they take the candy and eat it, you want to see them smile and see the joy that they receive from the delicious taste of the sweet candy. But, if the people just stick the candy in their pocket, give it to someone else, or possibly throw the candy away because they do not want it. That makes your heart sad because you are here at this shelter to help others and give them joy during this hard time they are facing and they are choosing not to partake of this free, tasty, and delicious treat. This is exactly how Jesus feels when we do not use his atonement. The atonement of Jesus Christ is free, happy, and cleans you of all your previous chains holding you down. Jesus is here just like as if you were in the shelter handing out candy for free to all those in need of it. Jesus wants us to be happy. God wants us to be happy. So let's use the gift of Jesus Christ daily to receive that happiness in our lives forever. Because unlike candy that wears out, the atonement of Jesus Christ is here forever, and will always be open to anyone who simply takes it, and partakes of its joy. Everyone, I invite you to use the atonement of Jesus Christ everyday, I promise you all as we use this wonderful gift from God our lives will be touched beyond measure and the happiness is undescribable. I love you all so very much! But Jesus Christ and Heavenly Father love you more than you can possibly imagine, so come unto them and partake of their salvation!
Love Elder Scott


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