September 23, 2019


Miraflores Ward, Piura, Peru


Logan Mullens

Ethan Scott - mission week 11

Wow.... this week was really unforgettable! This week we were helping a blind man cross the road. We also flagged a taxi down for him to get him because he was lost. As we were waiting for a taxi to come I felt a little sprinkle of water on my feet. I was like that’s weird there is no sprinklers in Peru and then I look over and this blind man had just peed all over my feet. I was like ohhh my goodness. What the heck haha! Anyways, that’s my funny moment of this week a blind man peed on me yay! 

The other unforgettable part about this week was that my companion Elder Mullens and I were able to participate and sing in a small choir for the apostle Elder Gong. It was the coolest experience EVER!  Elder Gong shook all of our hands one by one before the service and talked to us for a couple of seconds! You could feel the power he had and it was awesome! It was really nerve racking to sing in front of him a song in Spanish, but it was also the best thing ever! I was really struggling with memorizing the song because it was in Spanish. But, when the time came to sing for Elder Gong, I knew all the words and was filled with the Spirit! It was a spectacular feeling! Elder Gong taught us about the importance of sharing your personal experiences with others about the gospel. He said it is the best way to connect and bear testimony of the truths at the same time! So, my goal now is not only speak the language but also share personal experiences at the same time! Wow thats hard! But, one thing I have learned out here is that through prayer and the holy ghost anything is possible. 

For example, this week we prayed to find some new investigators. As we were walking through a pueblo that we have walked through many time we both felt prompted to knock on this certain house.   As we knocked a lady answered the door and said she is busy right now but tomorrow she would like us to come back and teach her whole family. So, we did just that and it was one of the most amazing lessons ever! The family was so interested and interactive throughout the whole lesson! It was a true answer to our prayers! 

Anyways, this week has really been a one of a kind and I really am enjoying this place more and more everyday! It feels more and more like home! I am so grateful for this opportunity in my life to share the gospel! I love you all so much and have an awesome week!

Elder Scott



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