September 16, 2019



Logan Mullens

Ethan Scott - mission week 10

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Buenos tardes! 


How is everyone doing today! Well, this week I have an amazing story to share with you guys about our investigator Santiago.  Santiago is 23 years old and is seriously the nicest guy ever.  We have been teaching him for about 4 1/2 weeks and he has such a strong testimony of the gospel!  He is in a really difficult situation right now because he wants to be baptized, but his parents are very strong Catholics. He told us that if he joins the church his parents will not pay for his schooling anymore.  His parents refuse to talk to us and are trying every way possible to keep Santiago from coming to church and talking with us.  His parents first took his phone and grounded him for 2 weeks which was crazy! Santiago had to lie to them to come and see us!  I was like WOW!  He really feels something here.  This Saturday Santiago was able to go to a baptismal service and he loved it and really desires baptism in his life.  So, we were going to interview him on Sunday, but we found him at church with a bruise on his neck and only his suite pants and a t-shirt which was weird because he normally wears his whole suite!  When we talked to him he said his parents found out about his desire to be baptized and them tore his suite and hit him.  But, he said that no matter what he still wants to be at church.  I was like WOW!  What faith and diligence this man has.  Santiago is willing to lose everything even if that means his relationship with his family to go to church and prepare for baptism!  I then asked myself what would I do, Would I be this persistent and diligent through all these trials to go to church and follow Jesus Christ.  As I was asking myself this question I thought of Nephi.  I thought of Nephi 3:7. I then thought of two characteristics, faith and diligence.  Then, I was thinking of ways I can grow my faith and diligence with my Heavenly Father.  I invite you all to find ways that you can increase your faith and diligence to your loving Heavenly Father. I promise as you strive to grow closer and put your faith in him you will be blessed! Be diligent and faithful my amigos!


I love you all!

Elder Scott



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