September 9, 2019



Logan Mullens

Ethan Scott - mission week 9

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Buenas Tardes Amigos!! Este semana fue fantastico!        This week I would like to share a story about Jose.  A man I see as a brother to me. So, in case any of you missed my last email about Jose.  Jose is a 27-year-old man who recently has had a huge trial in his life. Jose’s wife decided to run off and take their three-year-old son with her.  He really misses his son and is struggling with the whole situation. We found Jose by helping a guy jump start a ghetto looking car by his house and Jose joined in to help. After, Jose breaks down in front of us and we taught him about prayer and the love God has for him. It was so powerful!!!! Then we haven't been able to meet with Jose because of his crazy work schedule.  Anyways this week after two weeks we finally get to work with Jose and teach him.  It has been about a month since Jose has seen his boy. We taught Jose about the Plan of Salvation and the plan God has for us.  We told him that this life has many trials that will test our faith and right now you are having a trial that will need faith to overcome. Jose didn’t know what faith was so we had the awesome opportunity to read all of Alma 32 with him and teach him about faith.  He loved it and told us he is going to read and pray more to increase his faith so he can find his kid.          I testified to him that through faith and prayer he will see his kid again and it was so powerful for me because at that moment I knew it wasn't me speaking. I was simply being a mouthpiece for God. The next day we went back over to Jose’s house and noticed a huge change in Jose. He was really happy and just smiley.  We asked him what was up and he said he had read and prayed a lot that night. Today he said that he heard news and knows where his kid is at. I instantly got the chills!!! Jose then didn't take the credit or call it a coincidence, but told us that he knew it was through God that this came it pass.          I have never felt so happy in my life. I was like wow, through the faith in God anything is possible.  I would really like all you guys to think of ways this week you can grow your faith! Faith is very important!!!! I know that for me I need to work on faith in the Gift of Tongues. But, I can promise all of you guys that as we build our faith in the rock of God all things are possible, from big to small.  I invite you all to read Alma 32 and then pray for ways you can grow your seed into a strong tree of faith in God.  I love you all so much and appreciate all the prayers and thoughts. Elder Scott
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