September 3, 2019



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Ethan Scott - mission week 8

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You gotta love the people!!!
     This week we approached what we thought was a handicapped man and attempted to start teaching him about the gospel.  My companion and I soon came to realize that this man was extremly drunk and only wanted to bible bash with us. So, instead of bashing our idea was to bear our testimony and leave. So, I bore my testimony to this man and it was something on the lines that God loves him and he is my brother. He then says, ¨really_¨And said, ÿes.¨ He then said äbrazo¨which means hug so I was like sure. Then I went to give this drunk old man a hug and right as I hugged him, he gave me the biggest, fattest, juiciest kiss on the check!!!! I then pushed him off of me and was really upset... He just started laughing and it was no bueno. So, we left  and now the joke is I might have to go home cause I was kissed by a drunk man hahah! 
       But, not just crazy stuff happened this week, also very spiritual. We will be having our first baptism with a guy named Santiago on September 14! I am so stoked for him! Also, we have been struggling for new investigators so, this Sunday we fasted for new investigators and guess what. We went from 0 to 15 in one day! My testimony on the power of fast has grown so much! I know that it was through the power of fast, faith, and the Holy Ghost we were able to find those people and teach! I have been reading a lot about the Holy Ghost and wow! The Holy Ghost is truly an incredible gift from God,  that we should not ever take for granite! The Holy Ghost is our guide, comfort, protector and so much more! I really am thankful for all these things in my life.
        My challenge for everyone this week is to pay extra close attention to the small things the Holy Ghost does for you on a day to day basis! You will be suprised on how much the Holy Ghost blesses you everyday ! I promise you all that the gospel is true and I am so thankful for this opportunity to share it with the people of Peru! I love you all!
Love,Elder Scott


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