August 13, 2019




Rockwell Eggart

Ethan Scott - mission week 5

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Que tal! This week was super amazing for me! I was really able to be a missionary this week! So, this week I just finished the BOM, and let me tell you the most spiritual experience I have ever had! I have never had the spirit so strong in my life! The big thing that happened this week was that I was able to go to East Lima and be a legit missionary for a day! It was an absolute blast!!!! I literally passed out 200 plus pass along cards, bore my testimony 50 plus times, and had the gift of tongues with me the wholeeee time! I found an interesting point with the gift of tongues. It doesn't mean you will understand everything right then and there; it means God will help you say what you need to say through the Holy Ghost! This week this lady I talked to was really sad and felt her house didn't have the spirit anymore and she couldn't feel Gods love! I shared with her a scripture and she started talking to me so fast. I had NO CLUE what she said. But I could feel a sense of strong love for the lady. I immediately responded to her not knowing what she said to me and trusting the spirit. I told her about the love God has for her and the love I have for her, and how right as I walked into her home I felt a strong sense of the spirit and God’s presence here. She started crying and thanking me and I knew at that moment it wasn’t me, it was the spirit using me! God is so real and wants to bless all of his children! I was simply a mouthpiece for this lady! In East Lima this week I talked to sooo many people! The way of life here is soooo different than America! Let’s just say I almost got attacked by a dog.... ooof! Good thing my companion scared it off. Way scary! I just want to say something about the people here. They are the most humble and loving people I have ever met. They have absolutely nothing, one pair of clothes, one room to sleep in for 5-6 people, concrete floors, tin roofs with holes, adobe houses I could go on. But, they love God and put him at their center and they are happy. I challenge you all this week to put God at your center and really love everyone around you and I promise your week will be 100 times better! Love you all!

Elder Scott


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