August 6, 2019




Rockwell Eggart

Ethan Scott - mission week 4

Here is Ethan’s email, if you’d like to reply his email address is:
Also, you can follow him on the "Called To serve" app.=====================================
Hola hermanos y hermanas! Como fueron sue semana? Yo amo ustedes mucho y pienso sobre ustedes todos los dias!  Alright now to the English to save you all google translate! I am sorry if i haven't responded to everybody things are crazy out here in Lima! Like crazy! This week we started off with a banger 4.5 earthquake that knocked me out of bed at 3 am and then almost immediately after we heard gun shots and sirens! I think someone needs the gospel ahahha!  But, in class i got two new teachers Maestro Lozeno y Maestro Ascenio! They are so nice and really testing my spanish capability! They are both Chilean and if you know anything about Chile they all speak at like 10000 miles per hour ! So that is great!  Its hard but helping me entiendo mas espanol muy rapido! We also got two new roommates! Elder Flores and Carrera! They are really funny dudes! They are from Lima este and speak 0 english! Elder Flores and I really bonded! He is going to Piura with me in 2 weeks and we are as close to brothers as you can get! We arm wrestle, wrestle, tell jokes in Spanish, and laugh a lot. He is literally a buff dude. I barely beat him in arm wrestle and he grabbed me like a baby and then put me on his back like a bag of rice and squatted me 40 times! Crazy!!! We have an inside joke where he calls me a nephite and I call him a lamanite and we mess around with each other a lot! I showed him pictures of my family and then he pointed at Abby and he said..."brother in law" and I starting dying in laughter! So Abby you better watch out hahaha! Overall, really good week for me! I have gotten down almost the whole preach my gospel in spanish and am teaching lessons with my companion Elder Eggett every day! I love you guys mucho! Keep reading the bom!! I am finishing it up today! Blessings are indescribable!Love,Elder Scott


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