July 14, 2019



i eat horse, fight dogs, understand 4 spanish words(paraguay week 1)

short summary time lets goooooo
first off s.o to my district 11a homies. godspeed thots. me and elder
sanders gave a chick the b.o.m to a chick on the plane here #ganggang
i got my companion elder gutiereiz he lived in cali and utah with me
we were in the same stake hahaha. alao we kissed the same chick in
utah #eskies. area is called carapegua and its like southern
california but 3rd world version. everyone is drunk and there are more
dogs here then white girls in a starbucks. Elder Peterson is a homie,
he lives in my room and is from my highschool lol. one girl we teach
plays american music for us and you kow i shed some tears when i heard
the lumineers.but she alos gave your boi horse liver soup so shes my
favorite. we got attacked by a dog, so now i carry roach spray in my
backpack so if next week i have my face ripped off from a dog its
cause i sprayed a rabid stray dog in the face with bug spray lol.
peo´ple here dont speak regualr spnaish, its like mumble rap spanish
version and sounds like gibberish but the spirit of the lord is realso
you know im chillin with the gift of tongues. fell asleep during a
lesson, and during aprayer, bnut i didnt fall asleep this last day so
im see prgress hahahaha. bore my testimony to all 8 members here, so
that was dope. all the kids here are mini messi soccer players, so i
stopped to show them how good i am and literally got destroyed. so
that was humbling. well my short email is now my long email so stay
faithful, eat some regualr food that doesnt destroy your insides, say
your prayers and dont trust dogs. love you all praying for everyone
home and on their missions, }
over and out #paraguayganggang
elder po


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