June 15, 2019



MTC floods and I Miss Chick-fil-a week 6

this week was pretty wild. it rained every day and flooded the streets of the mtc, i became the travel leader for every one going to paraguay (i have no idea what im doing) but lucky for me its only me and elder sanders going lol, got smacked in the faced with spiritual power by Elder Holland again (not suprised) tried ot make top ramen on a ironing heater thing adn that defintly didnt work, started packing to leave this place and go to PARAGUAY BOI im only a little hype. got my travel plans and i have a 10 hour flight from here to paraguay and you already know my a-d-d-cant-stay-still-for-10-seconds-gets-bored-to-death-after-10-minutes is just going to thrive on that flight. so either im going to convert the entire plane orrr im going to jump out after the first 3 hours. so pray for me and pray i dont have to sit next to a dude who clips his nails and hasnt heard of the invention of deodorant. im still over here writing poems, so basically im your typical 80 year old white dude. i had chick fil a withdrawls hard core. literally drew a pic of a chicken sandwhich and waffle fries with a frozen lemonade. so thats how much i miss that. packed up all our clothes to weigh our bags then had to unpack to wear clothes to pack it again on sunday night. #logic also listened to the radio yesterday illigeally and youll never understand how hype a bunch of missionaries are to listen to ed sheeran harry styles and the lumineers until your one of us. send me song lyrics and ill love you forver fr. next emial will be from paraguay lets gooooooooooooooooooo. see you in 2

this week so honestly so good. it rains so much here which is a great change from the heat. not goonna lie i love the heat but i mean. im in a long sleeve and pamts 18\7 which sucks bro. starting to be glad im a little bit older and going on a mission, some immaturity going around and that is #annoying but everyone is amazing too and i love them to death. I got my travel plans, i have to be up at 4, to the bus at 5, leaving by 6, and flying to panama, then to paraguay. its wild. i dont have a debit card here either so pray my bags arent overweight. sunday devotionals we listened to elder holland give a talk to provo and he said "tell me about your obedience and ill tell you about your mission" so that hit us all super duper hard. Started pakcing up for paraguay which is wild cause im low key gonnna miss this place. my district has gotten super close ( weve only been togeher for 38 days in a row all day suprise) but its all good this is just the first page in a super long book so its gonna be so good. low key super stressed about how im going to pass time on the flght i literrally dont do good with boredem lol but im in the lords hands doing the lords work so imma be alright. one thing ive gained testimony of this week is the ablitiy to pray to feel gods love for you. no matter where we are, what we,ve done, or who we are, we are always going to be able to pray for the comfort and ffeelings that come from feeling the eternal love of our father in heaven. if anyone is reading this, i urge you to ask God to feel his love. I promise you that you will feel it. on a real note i miss chick fil a. its a close second to my mom in things i miss most. jk jk haha youre up there too dad. speaking of which i get to call for fathers day which will be awesomeee! mi just trying to actually be able to leave to paraguay cause im ready to go ya know?? fun thing this week was durng a service project myu boi luscha or something like that turend on the radio for all of us and when it started palying the lumineers idk it was maybe top 4 moments of my life. so great to hear real music. next p-day will be from paraguay which is a crazy thought. anyways. whatever happens in this neek will be for the best! love you all read your scriptures. say some prayers and apologise to someone this week. dont be a hard head. worlds a wack place. to quote my boi elder Moffit, the doors of history swing on small hinges. love you all! keep in touch!
sorry if this email isnt as funny as my other ones dont wanna dissapoint anyone
Elder Pendleton


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