May 31, 2019



Week 2

short summary is i wrote my district a rap, almost got struck by lightning, lied to the face of my district leader, met some haitians, made a handshake with my teacher, got a fever, got on the bad side with my pregnant teacher, realized my mom is the most coolest person ever (love you mom) lost some more weight (these bowels be suffering pray for them lol), got a stupid haircut, got the "how does she know you love her" song stuck in 30 peoples heads, and called some people bad words in spanish lmao text me on google hangouts love ya guys DUECES (btw happy birthday cams good luck at your dance recital!)

hey 3 people reading the long summary. this week was sooo fast i cant believe ive been here for a month #whack. sunday i had a devotional with elder anderson so that was super legit he talked alot about repentance and all that jazz so that was sick. it rains super alot here now but its all smog rain so its actually just acid rain so pretty sure thats why i have more pimples then friends rn. oh well. the lightning hits really close to us so we all just stand around like a bunch of idiots and watch lighting all night. never been happier lol. this week i got pretty sick and woke up with pink eye, convinced myself that i was gonna die and went to the inferma and turned out i didn't even have a fever so that was great. the haitians here are so sick too they call me "my friend" so basically i've officially made it. last week i was supposed to write a talk but since i had written one the week before i was so confident that i wouldnt get called i didn't write one and guess who got called up. me. so i stole my friends talk and gave a fake talk and then was told that my talk this week was even better then my talk last week so that felt great to my heart. seriouslly spanish is coming along really well im memorizing about 70 words a day and cna confidenttly speak to the investagotors we have lessons with. my testimony has grown so much here especiialy in refeering to faith in christ. if we have faith in christ life wont nessecarily become easy but i can promise youll be happier and better for putting forth faith. i wrote my district a rap because why not ya know? so that was dope ill write another one and roast some dudes hehe. one of my teachers is pregant and for whatever reason hates me. prolly cuase she hates white people lol but i swear i try my hardest to be a good listener but she keeps telling us to have natural conversations in spanish but im like "bro how do you have a natural conversation in spanish when you dont naturally know spanish ??) but she left to go have a baby so im safe now. got super home sick for my mom 3 days ago so that was sad if anyone reading this didnt tell your mom you love her today go do that or ill flyhome rn to smack you. every day i wake up with some non mtc song stuck in my head and its always the stupidest song but you can bet your backside i sing that shiz in the shower lol. also serious note #2 i might joke around alot but im not kidding when im telling you how powerful the spirit is here. the gospel is so true. if you dont have a testimony of how much jesus christ knows and loves you, kneel down and pray and do so. if you want to know anymore lmk, you know where to find me. s/o to grant, i see you wearing my clothes lately boi you lucky you look good in them so keep making them look good. love you all see you next weeek
#ratpack #espanol # stupidoisoffensiveinspansih #sendmeprotienbars

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