September 30, 2018


Clendon Park, New Zealand


Elder Watts

Rapping the Plan of Salvation my comp is Elder Ward. He's from Holiday, Utah and hes a pretty big Utah fan. The ward is sweet as and we have the love of all the members. The hardest thing for me though is being able to pronounce the names of the Islanders. We had a meeting with our Bishop this past week and his biggest worry for us was, we were not getting fed heaps by the members as we use to. I thought it was really funny how that was their biggest worry.
All the doors we knocked last week were not interested in our message but the people we're currently teaching have made progress. Gavin said that he would pray about The Book of Mormon with real intent and an investigator that Elder Watts had been working with before I came, Brother Nofki, went from saying he wouldn't stop smoking if God came down and told him to stop to trying to quit for the week.
I found my big culture shock that I was waiting for... Physical abuse from fathers to woman and children is common here. It made me really sad the first time I saw that while I was tracting. I never want to be a part of that when I'm a father, and I'm very grateful on how I was raised.
On a happier note, one of the members in the ward makes music so he invites us over to drop some spiritual raps about the Plan of Salvation and The Gospel. It's heaps of fun!
I'm doing awesome! It doesn't even feel like I've been here for a month and thats a good thing! I miss the family and send all my love!

Elder Justice


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