September 23, 2018


Clendon Park, New Zealand


Elder Watts

Gavin...he lives in a bus!

Kia Ora Fam!

So I arrived to my first area this past week. The area name is called Clendon Park and is up towards Auckland so not heaps of nature pictures for the next 12 weeks...I'm sorry about that.
From the MTC, we traveled down to Hamilton to meet our mission president, President Cummings. He's a really spiritual guy. We stayed the night near the Hamilton Temple. The next morning I jumped in a car back up to Auckland. That's when I met Elder Watts. Elder Watts is cool as, we both love skating so we talk a lot about that.
The Clendon area is a lot of city and its its really nice because it means we talk to a lot of people. Mainly people who moved from India who already have a faith and want nothing to do with us...haha. Then, you've got the Islanders who are super nice people and will let you share what your message is but will either kindly tell you that they have their faith or will invite you to come back another time. We've got HEAPS of returns so it will be fun to go back to them.
I shared my first message with a guy who lived in a bus... yes a bus. His name is Gavin and he's cool as with a really cool story. He use to make heaps of money in Australia but he said with that came drugs and it tore his life apart. He spent 4 months in jail and was deported from Australia. He came back to New Zealand and went to re-hab, finding Jesus along the way. He found a church, but not the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. We shared with him the restoration of the Gospel of Jesus Christ and the Spirit was present. We left him with a book of Mormon and are going to see him on Tuesday.

Being out here has made me so close to Christ and I love this work so much even though I've only been out for this short time. I know that is the true Church of Jesus Christ and I've come to know my Father in heaven so much in this short time being here.
I hope everyone is doing really well at home and I love each of you heaps.

Elder Justice


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