September 13, 2018


New Zealand MTC


Elder Chu Ling


Hey everyone!
Sorry I didn't email last week, I didn't know how fast a hour was until it was up.

The MTC is great! I love everyone here and I can feel that the work that I am doing is great. The MTC is basically non stop Sunday School but it's not boring, so it makes learning the lessons really great. That's basically all I do except eat. There's heaps of food here...I'm not kidding. I think I've eaten more food here in these two weeks than I've eaten in in the last month. I've gained 10 pounds so I've started running again. :)

I went out on transfers this week and you will not believe who my companion was.... Elder Rollins! Is was so much fun working with him... yes we actually did work. We knocked on doors and visited some less active member's homes. We ate some really good fish n' chips and there was heaps of thing I've ever tasted! I'm sad to say that I cant send pictures from the MTC because of something that when on a couple months back, so sorry about that. I was prompted to knock on this one house and I'm glad I did because this lady was really interested in hearing about our message. Sadly, I probably won't be able to teach her because I'm probably not going the area I was in this week. I hope the missionaries follow up with her. Oh, for all of my Georgia People, I met Elder Clarke! Super cool guy.

Oh, one more thing that I've learned here is, the vocab that they use here in New Zealand is different from the States. For example "Hell" and "damn" are not swear words down here, you can imagine the reactions of all of the missionaries from the states when we found that out! hahaha

Sorry again that I'm not able to send pictures.

Love you all!
Elder Justice


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