September 6, 2018


New Zealand MTC


Elder Chu Ling

First Week

Hey Dad! Loving the MTC! Sadly, I'm not able to send pictures because of something that happened a couple months ago. I love my comp! His name is Elder Chu Ling and he's from Samoa...he's a super kind dude. Loving the classes because I'm constantly feeling the Spirit. The teachers are wonderful, I'm memorizing the lessons and I wouldn't be able to do that without the Spirit. I've learned so much in this past week and I have a super good feeling about these two years. My district is amazing! I've got a Elder in my district from Mesa and we have mutual friends so its awesome! The islanders are super nice to me because I think they're just really warm people. The Tongan missionaries are insane! I dont know whats crazier, watching them play rugby or them playing basketball (there's probably not a difference...hahaha). As a zone leader I'm doing pretty good, I'm responsible for a lot of people but I'm grateful for district leaders! I miss you guys like crazy but i know I'm doing a good work. Ask mom about my child's prayer experience because I think its one of the greatest things that has ever happened to me. I love you guys so much and I am sad to say, this is the only email i can send to you because of policy. Im praying and I love you guys so much!
Love Elder Justice

Hey Mom, the MTC is super great and I love it so much. I only have a hour on the computer, so I'm sorry if this is a little choppy. I'm loving the whole group of elders and sisters that have come from all around the world to serve the Lord. It shows that the Lords work is really a good one. I miss you guys like crazy and I think about you guys every day. One thing that I really love about the MTC is the constant companionship of the Spirit...but, that results in me being very tired at the end of the day. I'm a Zone leader so that's pretty cool. Sadly, Im not allowed to send pics because something that happened a couple months back. I've got a story though, I was praying to know if my Heavenly Father truly knows and loves me and I was overwhelmed with the Spirit and my mind was filled with the primary song, A Child's Prayer. It is now one of my favorite church songs and I want you to give it a listen. I'm praying for you guys back home and I love all of you guys. Im not allowed to send emails back and forth in this hour so I'm sorry to say if you respond in this hour I won't respond. I love you so much!! Give ziggy a hug for me!

Love Elder Justice!


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