March 15, 2021


Bangor, County Down, Northern Ireland


Simon Schutz

🚲 coastal vibes 🚲

I don't know what happened this week.
Went on exchanges and the ZL, Elder Moroni, I was with asked me about what I've learned in my mission, and oh boy I wasn't ready.
A flood of thoughts and memories came in, and a few of the biggest lessons I learned were these:
1. Integrity. Do & Be who you said you would be. Easiest way to own your own soul. Don't sell yourself short.
2. The Atonement of Jesus Christ is so powerful and so real. Straight up just ask God for help & He WILL GIVE IT TO YOU. That's why Christ came. Use the gift He has given you and GET THAT DIVINE HELP.
3. Don't tell yourself you will do great, tell yourself you ARE great. Immediately boosts your confidence + increases your effective essentials!
4. Everything does work out even if right now everything really flipping sucks. It's true, even if you can hardly believe it.

Also had last interview with President MacDonald, taught a few people, did some service, planned a lot, and kinda just tried to vibe the negativity away.

I dont know what that means by the way, all I know is vibing away the negativity doesnt work for me.

Well, I'm hanging in there, that's for sure. We got a few friends to teach who talk a bit too much, and a few friends to teach that love going super deep into random points. And then some of them are AWFUL at responding. I am grateful though, gives me a chance to learn greater patience.

Time goes by too fast my friends.
Hold on to it.
Also take headache pills with ye, never know when you'll need them.

A haiku:

We got two new bikes.
Also biked along the coast today.
It was flipping cold.

Love u lots,

Elder Peterson


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