July 4, 2017


Corner Brook, Newfoundland


Elder Miller

Sad to leave Newfoundland, Hiked Gros Moore, Family History

Hey family,
I'm happy to hear that everyone was save and had fun at the Hulse Reunion. I'm bummed that I missed it, Its been a long time that I have seen friends and family. It becomes more and more real to me that Ill be heading home soon and I have mixed emotions about it. I know that the Lord is in control and I just need to relax and let it all happen. I can't be here in the Canada Halifax mission forever. Since I didn't feel extending was apart of God's will, I need to be home in August and continue to serve him there. As for now.. well I will tell you the sad and exciting news in my weekly email.

This week we were only able to see Jeff. We taught him and in depth Plan of Salvation because he had a million questions about it all. It was a good lesson and I felt like Jeff is going to be taking baby steps as he continues to be taught. Very hesitant to accept our message without doing his own diligent study of it all. Our goal for future lessons will be too help him gain a hope and witness that the Book of Mormon is the Word of God. Side note, he fed us a wonderful Roast Beef dinner! It was awesome! Pam wasn't able to see us when we were down in Stephenville because she was super busy with helping her daughter. Don't know exactly what she was doing but I guess she just didn't have the time. I am sad because President informed me that I would be transferred this week and I wont be able to see her or Jeff again. I guess God needs me elsewhere but it just sucks knowing that I am leaving Newfoundland. I'm going to miss it so much haha! You will have to live here to understand... I'm going to miss the people, the scenery, the weather, even the moose that we see chillen on the side of the road haha Its going to be hard but I know I need to leave. As for my next area... I don't have one! I'm going to attach a file below that will explain it all so you can understand why.

Canada day was super fun! We were able to set up a booth at the park! We talked to a lot of people and about 27 people signed up for us to come and deliver a family history tree. This will hopefully open the door for us to be able to talk about the church and why its important to do Family history.

I was blessed to have the chance to hike Gros Morne today! It was awesome! Its a 10 mile hike and it took us 7 hours to finish it all. We had to wake up at the crack of dawn to go and it was so worth it! I loved every step of the way and I am grateful that I got to go. I left my camera at the apartment so I apologize that I didn't upload any pictures.


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